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The Best World Cup 2018 memes and moments (so far)

Even the most diehard football fans are calling this year’s World Cup one of the greatest of all time. Some of the less excitable fans say that whichever World Cup is currently underway is the best World Cup of all time, but that’s not to say that this Cup isn’t exceptional. And besides thrills, underdog stories, and excitement, this World Cup has offered loads of meme-able moments. Here are a few of our favorites.

Japan shows what it means to be a good guest.

After Belgium eliminated the Japanese team from the World Cup, you could reasonably expect the Japanese fans to be upset. Some fans would riot, some would storm off and trash the stadium, and the better behaved fans would just leave. But not these fans. They stayed late and actually cleaned up the stadium! Senegal did the same thing, actually.

But that’s not all that the Japanese delegates to the World Cup did. The team themselves went above and beyond by leaving an absolutely spotless locker room, along with a thank you note (written in Russian, no less).

Swedish and Mexican fans share a train cabin and celebrate before their game.

Sports rivalries are intense, and soccer especially so. It would be easy to assume, therefore, that fans of opposing teams wouldn’t get along well. The World Cup transcends such petty feelings, however, evidenced by these Mexico and Sweden fans. On the train to their game, they not only shared a cabin but also shared some drinks. This photo captures the joyful mood in the car ahead of their game.

One redditor described how the World Cup brings people together:

As an American who is quite new to futbol, my wife and I were surprised a few years back when the Republic of Ireland played Scotland in Dublin. We happened to be on vacation there that weekend, and went out to the pubs to explore and grab a few pints. After the game, everyone was just really happy. Didn’t matter who won. Everyone was having a good time. I honestly thought there would be a lot more fighting and segregation between fans. Nope. Everyone was just having a good time chatting up anyone. Love it!

People working together for good.

This picture pretty much sums up the goal of the World Cup, even beyond the Sweden and Mexico fans celebrating in the train car. This picture shows Mexican and Colombian fans lifting a disabled Egyptian fan. The original story was that they were lifting him so that he could watch the Egypt vs. Uruguay match, but in reality they were all just celebrating for the opening ceremony. For a little more backstory, watch this video interview with Hassan Sedky, the man in the wheelchair with the thousand-mile smile.

As he says in the video, he didn’t ask to be lifted up. It just happened on the spur of the moment and Sedky doesn’t really remember what happened.

An Englishman explains why England fans are singing “It’s coming home.”

For the first time in about thirty years, England is going to the semifinals. They’ve only ever won the World Cup once, in 1966. So what the heck are they singing “It’s coming home”? The World Cup hardly belongs in England, if anywhere it belongs in Brazil, which has was five World Cups, making it the winningest team. One Englishman explained:

Let me transport you to the summer of 1996, I was a 15 yr old lad still in school and the Euro’s were being held in England, and do you know it was exactly thirty years since England won a major tournament, the team were looking really good, the whole country believed. So much so that a comedic duo (David Baddiel and Frank Skinner) along with a Britpop (it was huge at the time) group called The Lightning Seeds collaborated and released “Three Lions” the song you have heard so damn much of late.

And oh my did we England fans believe, I mean this was destiny right? It was at home, 30 years on “thirty years of hurt, Jules Rimet still gleaming” How could we lose?

As it turns out we could lose on penalties in the semi-finals, who missed the penalty that knocked us out? Gareth Southgate. Cue everone repeating the joke “what’s the quickest way out of Wembley? Through the South Gate”

And, by the way, here’s an image of Gareth Southgate consoling a Columbian player who missed a penalty twenty-two years later.:

The English opinion of Southgate is interesting:

Southgate’s always been viewed in England as the FA’s man, a company man for the football authorities if you like. What we’re seeing now though is the genuine class of the man coming through. He’s not put a foot wrong so far, and carried himself exceptionally well. Whatever happens now, he was England Manager when they won a penalty shootout in a World Cup. No-one has done that before. Plus he does wear a hell of a waistcoat. Sales of which have apparently gone up 30% in England in the last week. Also,little known fact, he loves punk rock.

So go get yourself a waistcoat before you enjoy the rest of the World Cup.

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  • The 2018 world Cup was amazing! so many laughs and so many cries! Good Job to all the teams! great read!!