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Biden’s Thanksgiving address steals Trump’s thunder

Posted by / November 26, 2020

Now that the election is over, it’s clear that most media outlets have turned their backs on Trump, the beast that they themselves created. They’re calling Trump “irrelevant,”and they’re focusing on Joe Biden. For example, the media covered Biden’s Thanksgiving address far more extensively than Trump’s. In it, Biden called for national unity and encouraged everyone to be patient waiting out the pandemic. It was hardly a political masterstroke, but it got the coverage while Trump’s didn’t.

Trump’s speech, meanwhile…well, it wasn’t great. Despite the pandemic raging around the country, he urged Americans to gather in homes and churches, contradicting all health experts’ advice.

Earlier this week, while members of the G20 were meeting to discuss how to address the COVID situation, Donald Trump went golfing.

Andrew Giuliani has COVID, making him the latest in a shockingly long list of White House officials to get the ‘rona.

Donald Trump Jr. has tested positive for COVID. In case that doesn’t make it abundantly clear that Trump doesn’t care about COVID and who gets it––and who might die because of it––a whopping 130 Secret Service agents are either COVID positive or quarantining after Trump refused to quarantine (and took a victory lap from the hospital where he was recovering from COVID).

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