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Bone up on anatomy with the Skeleton Typogram

Posted by / June 27, 2013

Everything’s easier to learn with pictures, but if you’ve been looking for something more fun than Gray’s Anatomy to bone up on your skeletal vocabulary, check out the Skeleton Typogram by Aaron Kuehn.

EXO… ENDO… TYPO! Your life, your organism, your soft tissues but a puddle on the ground, if not for the ancient seg­men­tal struc­ture of the Ver­te­brates. The ORIG­I­NAL HARD CORE is evolv­ing for 400 mil­lion years now. Hominids, like you, are using the lat­est upright tech­nol­ogy orig­i­nat­ing only 4 mil­lion years prior. Here it is, updated, and recon­structed in a 2 dimen­sional sta­tic rep­re­sen­ta­tion of long-stride loco­mo­tion! The com­po­nent bones, ordi­nar­ily con­structed with rigid min­er­al­ized tis­sues, have been entirely typo-grammatically replaced with 676 free and fused glyphs, together form­ing a com­plete skele­tal dia­gram in LATIN. A rad­i­cally lit­eral graphic abstrac­tion of anatomy.

Prints, T’s and PDF’s are available at Kuehn’s website.

Full story at Aaron Kuehn.

Body art.

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