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Chimp released from cage, immediately hugs Jane Goodall [video]

Posted by / June 13, 2015

Don’t even try to fight the tears in this video. As soon as this chimp is released, he immediately goes and hugs Jane Goodall. You can see the emotion in both of their faces.

Full story at the Jane Goodall Institute of France.

More inspiration.

Photo credit: Canva

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  • I have Loved and respected you for years,


  • God Bless you Jane .You are a true champion in my eyes and heart.

  • Oh my! If I were wealthy I would pay for all to come to the island! Prayers.

  • BillyBob ThroatChoke

    U’re responsible for leaving a woman blind & faceless. Someone should put a stip to ur evil experiments…And u know what? It JUST MIGHT BE ME!!!!!

  • Kathy

    The love you must have is awe inspiring! If only all men could love each other like this.

  • I have watched you since my teens.You have had a fun life.Continue the fun.

  • Earl Crosland

    God will reward you for your wonderful and compassionate work.

  • patchouli

    I hope.she finds friends…

  • God Bless You and All that help you. You are helping to save His creations. Too bad somebody can’t save mankind.

  • Donnie

    Thank you Jane for all you do.

  • Dawn

    Jane Goodall,
    A true friend of the chimps.I admire your ongoing help for these
    wonderful animals. Thank you and GOD BLESS!


  • Joan

    Ok, I totally wept. What Jane has done on her life is beyond amazing. Bless you Jane, for your work and love of these animals. You are a true hero.

  • Tom

    As touching as this may be even Jane should know that the chimp is a wild animal and could easily rip her face off should it experience a mood swing or impulse of some sort.

  • clus

    I wish they would let us hear what Dr. Goodall and the other scientist were saying about the release….so people can know more facts about stuff like this, instead…. this web outlet chose to sensationalize the project into just a 4 minute and half tear-jerker…..

    • Likely not released, much to tame. video just for fund raising?

  • @jake – you are a total idiot.

  • Mike

    You are one of the most beautiful and wonderful people on the planet.

  • BillyBob ThroatChoke, that sounds like a threat to me. Maybe you should be investigated.

  • NRNS

    Apparently, the author of this video doesn’t know what “immediately” means. The chimp first steps out and looks around. Then it goes to the other lady. Then it goes on top of the cage and looks into the jungle. THEN it hugs Jane Goodall. Click bait trash story.

  • Glorious! How amazing is Jane Goodall?

  • Sarah

    Happy Jake just couldn’t resist exposing his racist, ignorant tendencies to make a highly offensive joke about the President? You are utterly useless, disrespectful to the legacy of Dr. Goodall and more animalistic than the chimpanzees themselves.

  • Always admired you and your love of these beautiful animals.

  • I saw on TV where she had them working diamond mines.

  • Jane, You are the most compassionate woman alive. God is certainly with you. What an inspiration. Keep up the good work. You are so respected and loved.

  • Kay

    Even animals need relief from the wickedness we see in the world today. God is the only one who can restore the earth to its original paradise and He soon will bring relief to humans also. But in the meantime humans can only do so much as Jane has done.
    Thanks for your efforts.

  • Morgan Lewis

    The comment from Billy Bob was so uncalled for and stupid. !!

  • Brian flanagan

    Amazing. Smarter and more affectionate than lots of humans.

  • Zanita Glenda A. Plaga

    Truly amazing… This brought tears to me, tears of joy. Ms. Jane Goodall, you are an inspiration!

  • The world is a better place with you and others like you.
    Thank you.

  • Sergio


  • Been a Jane Goodall lover for many years.Have read all she has written,seen all she has videoed over and over.This is a treasure.To bad that Dianne Fossey could not have been spared also.In earlier post by Jake uncalled for and i am NOT a Obama supporter comment totally out of context here

  • since 1970 50% of the worlds animal population is gone—again 50%–a real tragedy

  • ALL animals have intelligence and sentience, and they communicate and understand far more than us ‘greater’ beings, humans, give them credit for. We do not have Respect for the world and it’s beauty, and beautiful moments like this wouldn’t be surprising or rare if we did.
    Love Thy Neighbor.
    yes, the furry ones are included.

  • The scene portrayed in this video is indescribale in words. Only hearts and eyes can realize it. Thanks Jane.

  • Kimberly

    May God continue to bless the works of your hands. Yes, it will be an honor to help.

  • BPK

    Jane Goodall—Inspirational! Happy Jake: Sad!

  • Tom–She does know, and she has stated that humans should never have them as pets. She’s well aware of what they can do.

  • What is so beautiful and inspiring is not only this amazing woman’s work but her heart. She loves all, even those who are in so much pain all they can be is negative (i.e.; in these posts). When you are in her presence it’s hard to hold back the tears because she expands your heart wide open. Her love transcends all. Thank you Jane for gracing this planet, for the humanity you have inspirited and being a tremendous inspiration for us to be kinder, more loving and more aware of our actions to all sentient beings and this planet.

  • Ms. Frazier


  • The world is a better place because of Jane and others like her.
    Thank you Ms. Goodall.




  • 6-14-2015

    Words alone cannot describe the beauty of this scene of mutual Love!
    If only mankind would treat each other this way…

    Thank you Jane & All who helped this Chimpanzee to survive!

    The time is getting closer…

    Jerry R., in Santa Clara, California


  • set them all free, thank God for Jane Goodall. The only one that should be caged is Happy Jake!

  • Don W.

    This the way animals were meant to be! Free and wild! Not in zoos to appease our perverted sense of dominance…

  • Judy kramer

    Chimpanzees in captivity, cages, small apartments are very different than chimps that are in rehabilitation cages and then released to a jungle (for those readers who don’t have a clue about what they just witnessed on the video). The above video is beautiful. Jane is truly amazing and I wish I could experience a small part of her amazing life. Additionally, chimpanzees are amazing in so many ways….look at that chimp coming out of that cage looking at the humans then the jungle and then saying thank you to the trainers…it couldn’t get any better. Thanks for sharing this video and thank you Jane Goodall and to each one of the people in the video thank you…you all are incredible in the work you do.

  • Carol Oberst

    God bless you Jane. I’ve followed your courageous and humanitarian path for years. How and where do you raise funds to bring the other chimps to safety?

  • You do know that this was posted on youtube at least a year ago, don’t you?

  • Gregory Montella

    When I was you I first saw Jane Goodall on National Geographics program. She became one of my most respected Idles’ A few years ago I had the most wonderful pleasure of Meeting Jane At her book signing in Chicago. Most very wonderful experienceof my life. Thank you Jane Goodall. I also had an experience when A lady in Indianapolis invited me to see her private animal sanctuary. She had a 2 year old Chimp . (ROCKY) was his name. We played for over an Hour. The most wonderful and intelligent animal that God has put on Earth. Yes I had tears in my Eyes while watching Janes very touching release of the now healthy Chimp.

  • This was posted on youtube over a year ago.

  • julie

    thank you for being a true hero to us and god bless I love you Jane goodall I wish we had more beautiful angels like you in this world.

  • Luna

    This is truly a beautiful story. Heartfelt – makes you reflect differently in so many ways. Wow…

  • Angela Mounce

    That was very touching, thank you for what you do! You have a beautiful soul


    God bless Jane for the work she does with chimps. This video was so touching – I cried like a baby.


    God bless Jane for the work she does with chimps. The video was so touching – I cried like a baby.

  • ak

    God Bless you.

  • Bob

    Money is not the best solution to the well being of the animals.The solution is really leave then alone.Animals have been around forever and if we don’t go and destroy and invade their habit they will be fine.Nature has a way of fixing things.By interfering with the life or eventual death of that chimpanzee we may disrupt natural selection.Natural selection is there for a reason.To keep the stronger alive ,to pass the stronger gens to the next generation.

  • The racist comments and ugly remarks of people who clearly are hard-hearted, idiotic and most importantly, falsely empowered through their ability to make such remarks anonymously while sitting around in their bubbles trolling the Internet, sicken me. These people really have no place in society, but they have found a way to spew their vile poison on sites like this. The fact that they are male has not gone unnoticed: I hope they can mature beyond their 13 year old boy mentality one day, but I’m not holding out hope. May we not be affected by their stupidity.

  • Kathy Gaffney

    Leave woodchuck “BillyBob” & the rest of the idiotic human males (all males always; not a big shocker there) alone —- they have tried as best they can to achieve an I.Q. that might even approach that of a Chimp. They fail. And that is more than obvious. Scary, moronic, sophomoric, jobless, witless, low-class primates are “BillyBob” & his ilk.

  • The populations of chimps an other great apes have crashed in Africa due to habitat loss and the bushmeat trade. All of this under the unwatchful eye of Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall foundation, and other well funded so called conservation organizations. They are good at these feel good stories, which are the easiest way to separate people from their money. But they have been utter failures in protecting chips and other great apes and wildlife in the wild. Now instead of an emotional attack against me, can we for once have an intelligent examination of what these organizations actually accomplish despite the huge amounts of donor money they receive.

  • I respect her totally, but you would think having spent her life in Africa that Jane would have picked up some sun by now. And who is that hottie brunette with her anyway?

  • scooter77777

    I thought that was amazing!

  • Is that obbbbamy?

  • Jane, so glad to see you are healthy and still going strong! Thank you for your work. I remember in college in the 70’s studying your primate work in my psychology classes in Madison! You have made a huge difference.

  • I watched Jane Goodall from the start and the love she had for these Beautiful animals was always present.

  • we know her as Jane Goodall. the chimps know her by her Angel name.

  • Jane

    to “Billybob throatchoke”….you obviously are a very ignorant sub-human.your screen name alone says it all…..I’m just sorry that you are allowed out in public..around normal people..YOU should be put in a cage !…scumbag.

  • Nash

    It’s amazing how only some people have the love and guts to save something and put them back into their freedom.
    It’s for all of us to learn and do something similar. Taking advantage of the weak is what the major part of humanity involved in.

  • Joan Harlin

    These animals were intended to live in the wild, not be pets or experimental subjects. Those denigrating this incredibly historic effort should educate themselves on this issue. For those who say, big deal, these animals could rip your face off, etc., you need to think this through. None of these wild animals ever wanted to be the subject of anything and if Ms. Goodall and others did not fight for these creatures for their rightful place in the wild, we would not even be having this conversation or watching this video.

  • Gigi “hit it on the nail” about Happy Jake and the other racists remarks posted in response to this video. So sick of them.

  • emjayay

    The comments here should have a flagging system for, for example, wildly racist comments by people like Jake.

  • Sean

    Jane is truly an angel in human form…..

  • anonymous me

    @Happy Jake. that’s not Obama. That’s your mother.

  • I’m 54, and live in Cincinnati, Ohio, If I could find a woman like that I’d marry her. Where has such a good woman been all my life. Perhaps, I should of looked in the jungle.

  • sav

    she saved him from having to sign up for ObamaCare

  • johnchip

    Lock me up in a cage, then let me out, I’ld hug her too!

  • I’m 54 and live in Cincinnati, Ohio in the U.S If I could find a woman like that I would marry her tomorrow. I guess I should of been looking in the Jungle the whole time. God Bless you and may God look over your friends.

  • Joe

    Happy Jake, are you really happy. Sound full of hate and miserable to me

  • donq

    Sure it’s an old video, but it is still relevant. If only some of the detractors could have 1/100 the grace of this truly remarkable lady, the world would be a much better place.

  • Dr. Cynthia Boykin

    My youngest son and I had the incredible opportunity to meet and speak with you years ago when you spoke at Oklahoma State University. I believe that was one of the greatest highlights of our lives. Thank you for all you have done and impact you have had.

  • Lynn

    Jane Goodall-You have always been one of my true heroes- Release every one of these chimps-No animal should be stuck in a cage. Jane Goodall has taught us ‘the way to learn about animals is in their natural habitat where they are free as nature intended.’

  • Joe Adams

    Will never be another Jane Goodall. As for the negative remarks: Ignorance can be cured through education…but there ain’t no fix for stupid!

  • Stef

    This is really nice. I have to hand it to Dr Goodall.

  • MrLiberty

    Animals were not put on this earth to be entertainment, food, or clothing for humans. Sadly most still haven’t gotten this basic message.

  • I grew up watching Jane Goodall. I was never bored watching her films or documentaries. She is one of those rare people whom you know cares about animals, not for profit, but their well being. Bravo Madam, C’est fantasque. Hugs to her and all she does. We need more like her, and fewer like those in Washington. If we did, the world would be a much better place. Inspiring, amazing, just incredible.

  • Jmiller

    How anyone could not embrace such an incredible act of true compassion for another living creature is beyond comprehension. The haters that have responded should be ignored. They have no place in this world.

  • steve prichard

    Lots of editing, and the music didn’t quite fit the action. I’m so happy the primate didn’t attack anyone when released from it’s cage. I’ll never forget the lady whose face was ripped and chewed off by a similar sized monkey in the Northeast a couple of years ago. I believe she died and the monkey was killed. So sad. People should just leave them alone.

  • Jerri darling

    Why must people try to make pets out of every living thing? Why do some people have to be so nasty? Releasing animals back to their natural environment is great no matter who does it. Good. Fortune to all involved with this project.

  • Chimps cling (hug) when they are frightened.

  • Great people enjoy your life pal may nothing but good things come your way.

  • Jan

    I’m surprised that people like Billybob Throatchoke, Pamela H.G. Gunchick and Jim Davas actually watched such a moving video. They don’t seem to have the compassion that led the rest of us to watch and empathize. Kudos to Jane Goodall for a lifetime of compassion.

  • Big Daddy

    I’m sure all the people who commented here did not understand what they were looking at. Only Jane knew how to respond correctly to the chimp. See did nothing until the chimp approached and hugged her. She remained still. What was the chimp doing before? Notice it turned it’s back to both Jane and the other woman. The other woman hugged the chimp, Jane did not. Jane waited until the chimp had spoken by putting it’s back to her. Jane acted uninterested with her body language. What was the chimp saying by turning it’s back to them. Was it meant to be an insult for locking her in the cage?

  • Dan Dawson

    Billy Bob, maybe the dumbest person on planet. And for the Obama jokes. You are racists, I’m not a fan either, but being a racist is nothing but ignorant. This woman put her actions way ahead of any words. She walks the walk. She is selfless.

  • Fok

    please provide information on donations…

  • Dr. Goodall; you are truly an incredible human being; you make the earth a better place to be; your love of animals is an inspiration to all.

  • Dan Adamovic

    God Bless you. I wish there were more people like you on this earth.

  • Traci

    That was the most beautiful selfless thing that I have ever seen. tears ran down my face for the love that Jane has for these chimpanzees. I pray that this release finds this chimp happy and safe. Thank you for sharing this experience with all of us.

  • bannO

    What’s ironic about this article is that NOBODY even mentions or inquires about the lady who actually saved the chimp. Jane Goodall is a great lady yes, but the other lady is the one who found, nurtured, fed, and rescued the chimp from a devastating illness. Yet, the headline mistakenly says it immediately goes and hugs Jane when in fact, it hugs it rescuer first. This is by no means a detraction from Jane Goodall. Simply stating that the other woman should be receiving some credit here (most of the credit) as Jane didn’t even meet this chimp until it was being released. Yes, yes, Jane’s work, legacy, trailblazing, and fundraising has likely provided this other woman the chance to help…

    Anyway, huge KUDOS to the other lady in the video – Dr. Rebeca Atencia

    Also, the reason this particular chimp was in a cage was because it had been rescued and nurtured back to health so that it could return to the wild on its own with the ability to survive.

  • orianna

    Wow yall some hateful folks, anyway Jane you are a lovely person continue to share your love and treat your animals it shows in their response. May God Bless you!!!

  • George

    Kudos to Jane Goodall but whoever though of adding the music to the video made a mistake.

  • Carol Sell

    How very beautiful…… Jane has led a wonderful fulfilling life and still has more love to give these wonderful God’s creatures.
    A couple idiots who have commented on this page are less than subhuman …..God Bless you, Jane….

  • Houstonian

    Alas, at last a potential Republican candidate with a real chance to win . . .

  • glacia

    @Banno…. “What’s ironic about this article is that NOBODY even mentions or inquires about the lady who actually saved the chimp.” I wouldn’t call it ironic since there is no irony in it. I would call it misleading but that comes from the author who by the way usually does stories like “Puppy tries lime for first time” and “Funny Hot Sauce Prank” . At Jane’s website there are numerous articles that give Dr. Rebeca Atencia credit for her work. Whenever you question a particular story you find on the internet always consider the source first. You’ll probably find that what you truly dislike are stories written by people who typically aspire no higher than videos of people on the toilet.

  • Chimps are very strong — wild animals. As such — they also unpredictable — as we saw with the “family pet” of many years that ripped the lady’s face off. Jane’s sappy — tear-jerking feel-good encounter could have very easily gone the other way. We would have not seen that gory video.

  • Susan Spiegel

    You r an inspiration

  • Carol Brennan

    God bless Jane for all she has done and continues to do for His blessed creatures.

  • Mike

    Jake-your children must be very very proud to have such an intellectually superior dad like yourself teaching them how to be a decent person. Hooray for your parents.

  • Jillian

    Golden Sunrise to “every” person who takes the time out to comment. The truth is we are all “each other” in different bodies. The thing that makes us spew unkind words and judge others is simply self hatred and a lack of divine love for ourselves. In other words, unkind words is an indication that I am hurting, I am wounded. See me. Help me. Notice me. I am in need of love and helping me get the healing I need would be nice also. The thing that we all desire (in some form) is LOVE. And yes, love is difficult to give and receive sometimes, nevertheless, it is necessary……. Golden Sunrise

  • olddude1

    Idiots. This woman has reached out to help the very beings that man is trying to destroy. Criticize her for her work is just ludicrous. The law should look into Throatchoke for criminal charges of threats against another. God bless Jane and continued success with our fellow residents of this planet we all call home.

  • @Happy Jake… are an IDIOT ! This woman’s work is incredible and that is all you have to say ? Keep your comments off this site if you don’t have anything nice to say. Thank heaven for people like Ms Jane. She has contributed so much to society…..obviously you have not !

  • DD

    I wonder what would happen if and when jane pass away who will take her place . you know those helper behind her in the picture would stop helping the chimp they would infact killed them. Only reason they haven’t because jane is paying them I hope someone already thinking ahead so when time come and it will maybe not until 10 years from now. that the U.S will take over and save the chimp they deserve a second chance at life.

  • Ella Bennett

    Mother Teresa of the animal kingdom, a place in heaven is certainly set aside for her

  • Dr. Goodall, an inspiration for humankind! Thank you, from the David Livingstone Family Trust.

  • Dom

    BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING!! Unlike the jerky idiotic, racist and bigoted comment Jake left. Get educated and grow up!

  • I see by a few post on this site the chimps have far superior intelligence and compassion than humans .

  • Scotter

    Happy Jake and Billy Bob should hook and bitch slap each other to death

  • “If only Humanity had the same Love.”

  • NUTZ

    @ Billybob…Jane does not experiment on chimps you colossal moron. I’d bet that the chimp is smarter than a punk like you.

  • Beadie Beasley

    I will help. You inspire us along with the others like the individuals in this video clip that follow in your footsteps to return chimps to an environment that they can thrive in. What we as a society supposedly more intelligent than chimps or apes have done to them is beyond a horror story. If nothing else we can contribute to help reduce just a fraction of the damage we have done to animals that would have rather lived in their original habitat by their own rules. Which I’m sure are more humane than ours.


  • Edward

    This is to doris: you’re already caging people, they’re called African American

  • All I can say is – Gosh!

  • karl hatten

    Human population has doubled. what do expect to happen animal population

  • Mathis Chappell

    It is shame and a heart ach that humans seem to becoming less human but the wonderful and loving pets can love so well, given the opportunity.

  • Nothing but love and respect for each other what a wonderful, wonderful moment ,,,,

  • Louise Rollins

    In troops of chimpanzees and other apes – presenting your back to another troop member is showing TRUST.

  • Arjaytoo

    Despite what the caption reads(“As soon as this chimp is released, HE immediately goes and hugs Jane Goodall”) the chimp is a female. Did they even watch the video?

  • Judy

    I wouldn’t hug something that ripped a woman’s face off. Yes I know it’s not the same animal, but chimps are strong and temperamental. Billy Bob might be misplaced in his blame of Jane but at least I know what he is referring to.

  • shirley

    The same people that leave those ridiculous remarks are the same ones that bullied the weaker kids in school. They never matured, work at dead end jobs, never graduated high school. Ignorance lives on the internet. Everyone has a keyboard. Please don’t respond to them. They like getting responses. It’s the only reinforcement they have. They hate their families and life in general. See the beauty in life and try to ignore the ugly.

  • Brian M.

    @HAPPY JAKE – You are an idiot. Leave it to a**holes like you to comment on such an awesome story with such an ignorant remark

  • RIP Jane your a beautiful soul I am sure God is pleased to have you back home . This video was awesome but why is a two year old video and news being posted as if it were just come out today fresh off the press ?

  • Very nicely produced fund raiser. When this chimp goes and meets the locals , they likely will tear here from limb from limb as animals are known to do.

  • Tim

    Anyone who responds with an attempt at political humor, or some derogatory comment has clearly missed the point of this story and aren’t worthy of a response of any nature. The good news is that the majority of you do recognize the beauty of the story shown here. When the footage was originally taken, who deserves credit for saving the animal, or any other pointless “point” brought up here is simply irrelevant. May God bless Ms. Goodall and those like her who do such selfless work for such defenseless living beings. May God help those who make more effort to spread hate and harm, than they do to understand a world beyond their own narrow views.

  • john khoury

    Thank you Jane Goodall. You are a true inspiration.
    John K Monte Carlo, Monaco

  • They left out the part at the where the chimp tore jane’s face off.

  • shui


    You’re my hero 🙂 I love you with all my heart.


  • Bruce

    My guess is that Happy Jake is a Redneck Texas Republican with an IQ of around 89-96.

  • GOD bless you Jane Goodall for caring…animals have feelings and emotions just like people.

  • Beautiful Lady! What an extraordinary moment— Recognition of goodness and love! A good life—

  • Rastaz Washington


  • jeff

    Jane Goodall is the Mother Teresa of the Animal Kingdom. A stunningly beautiful and powerful video. Anyone that believes animals do not think and feel after watching this video is simply a fool.

  • Cheeta

    She does deserve respect for her work. I do find it odd that this photo does NOT show that the tip of her RIGHT hand thumb is missing. That was bitten off several years ago by a chimp that she did, in fact, display the same emotion. Anthropomorphism and wild animals will only work as long as a photo or video shows the opposite.

  • tom

    Truly one of the HEROES of our time. Were I able, you’d have all the money to realize your dream and more.

  • Rastaz Washington


  • Bettejane Wells

    How precious!

  • JANE I wish for you all you have ever asked for… for these our wonderful living ancestors.. I hope the others come home to the island very soon…. I am an animal rights supporter and love the work you do.. you are impressive and someone I strive to live up to. I only hope in my own small way that I can.. love you so much… take care… Deirdre

  • Debbie

    For the most part all the comments were beautiful. And for the couple ignorant ones, consider the source! Uninformed and obviously hating life! Their words will be forgotten and unimportant in a millisecond. But this woman’s work and all that worked along side her will live on forever! It was a beautiful video and one I plan to share!

  • Derrick Hopkins

    I wonder if Rastaz and Paul are related?

  • You must know, you are my idol. There are no words to describe the true love one receives from of an animal. I hope you receive your birthday wish.

  • Lana

    Thank you Jane Goodall. I heard you speak in California and I have always admired you, Thank you for all you have done through the years for our animal kingdom. God bless you.

  • Mark G.

    We need more Jane Goodall in the world, maybe it will be someone you know!

  • Linda

    Thank you for doing what I wish I could do for any animal!

  • I hate to pop all your bubbles, but this was all staged. There was a lot more shooting than you see and directing, cutting, filming from another boat. there was lots of rehearsals. This is all about the violin music, the teary eyes setting, It is just garbage, produced at substantial cost to get you to send in.

  • Happy Jake..? A moron who needs caging?

  • sometimes I think GOD wasted his time making some people humans he should have left them animals so the can suffer the cruelty some people do to them GOD bless you and all the intelligent people who love and help animals

  • KP

    Happy Jake…. you are so sad.

  • bannO

    @Glacia: Irony definition: “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

    I found it amusing (as I said “what’s funny…”) and it was seemingly deliberately contrary to what one expected from the headline. Therefore – ironic. Thanks for trying to provide me with some edjamacation, but mine is more than adequate. I won’t stoop to ad hominem attacks, though in this case, it would be somewhat satisfying to do. Your lecture on writing and sources is quite condescending as it is so quite obvious, but thank you for explaining it all to me. – That last bit, was, by the way, an example of sarcasm…

  • Glenn Parker

    Let us all from now on ignore racist comments, pretending that their evil words are invisible.

  • sam_spade

    We do this for animals, which is great, but what about each other? Can we show half as much compassion for one another? There is no race, only bodies occupied by spirits, never forget that!

  • fdawei

    Happy Jake. are you sick?

  • well done woman, the touch of the hand….