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Cute dog has even cuter tantrum

Dog tantrums are way better than human tantrums, that’s a given. This dog’s minute long tantrum-extravaganza is super cute.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Babette Olsen

    It is very cute but it is a dog .. not a human . and he is playing on the bed … dogs don’t throw tantrums.

  • Not interesting at all, lol. I think he was just sick of his owner

  • Kim F

    Too cute! It may be a dog, but they are smarter than most people give them credit for. It is learned behavior typically because they have gotten their way with the same behavior before.

  • Babette Olsen, dogs do throw tantrums…they vocalize, for example, and willfully refuse, for example, to get into a car, a bath tub or leave the park. However, this video was not of a dog throwing a tantrum. He was just being communicative with his owner, wagging his tail steadily and running around poking his nose about the room. Hardly a tantrum.

  • vicky

    Looks like a dog having fun if you ask me.

  • Theresa Stinson

    Very Cute. The dog loves the guy and the guy loves his dog. Love it. Thanks for posting.

  • Love his name and Higgs is adorable,yes dogs do throw tantrums,mine do!!!

  • Dogs do throw tantrums. My dog whines and carries on when she wants to eat and when she wants to go to be, and me with her. She will not go to be without me. Ugh.

  • Teri

    This is very cute. Might want to think about cutting his nails and getting a rug down. Hard wood floors are bad on dogs joints and the can easily get injured. Just a thought.