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Defense Dept. says Chinese military backs country’s top 20 firms

Posted by / June 26, 2020

The US Defense Department has determined that at least the top 20 firms in China are back by the Chinese military. The United States will likely use this list to pressure countries to stop doing business with China. With all the recent negative news about China, the pressure campaign shouldn’t be too hard.

YouTube has been automatically deleting comments that are critical of communist China for months. The company confirmed as much and said they were working to fix the issue.

Angela Merkel is facing mounting pressure from German lawmakers to confront the Chinese president Xi Jinping over China’s human rights violations. Almost on cue, a Chinese scholar has been arrested for criticizing the government.

A University of Queensland philosophy student is facing expulsion for criticizing China’s human rights record. Let’s let the sink in for a moment. This student might be expelled for criticizing the same government that is sending Uighurs to detention camps for growing beards or wearing veils, both related to Muslim practices. The same government that is also detaining Uighurs for visiting foreign websites.

Beijing is also allegedly forcing Muslim members of the Uighur community to redecorate their homes, removing anything that doesn’t appear “traditionally Chinese” and replaced with decorations that do.

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