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Do you suffer from SMES: Social Media Entitlement Syndrome?

Posted by / June 25, 2010


SMES is global! To see if you suffer from Social Media Entitlement Syndrome, take a look at a few of the symptoms:

  1. Feeling and behaving as if one should be granted certain privileges (event access, free products, job offers) because he/she is well-known in social media.
  2. Expecting all-access to an individual’s private life because he/she occasionally posts personal items in social networks.
  3. Acting like it’s acceptable and normal to piss (bombard w/comments, tweets, DMs) on someone’s social stream.
  4. Demanding that people retweet your content, and resenting them if they don’t.
  5. Assuming that because you correspond with someone via social media, you should be invited to every social gathering that person plans or is involved with.

Don’t worry, while SMES is contagious, there is a simple cure: Knock it off!

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  • WillRogersUSA

    I work with, as many of you all do, this type of YOUNGER person. I don’t mean to point out this demo, however, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand what is happening in our society and I am at a loss. The types of things we see in everyday behavior, LIKE: folks using expletives as adjectives… talking to people and they are texting and not listening. Driving while texting! The internet is a blessing for communication and information. But it is also caused our brains to fire off too fast and now we need and DEMAND everything NOW because of it.

    Here I am a humorist and this is one of my recent quotes:
    " They say you can live two weeks without food, a day or so without water " but take someone’s Internet access away and they won’t last five minutes. – Will Roberts
    Full story: