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Elites colleges post record low admissions rates this year

Posted by / April 1, 2019

Bad news for students hoping to get into top schools. The biggest names––schools like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and USC––have posted record low admissions rates this year. Yale’s admission rate was less than 6%, while Harvard and Yale both posted rates less than 5%. Stanford has announced that it will no longer post admissions rates, since their low rates only fuel the college-admissions madness amongst college seniors.

Such low rates contribute to the competitive environment that inspired some 750 families to spend $25 million on bribes. For students who don’t have incredibly rich families, they must work hard––too hard, in fact––to get into university. They pay stupid amounts of money to Kaplan and other test prep giants so that they can game the SAT, they hire private admissions counselors, and when it’s all said and done they take out an average of $30,000 loans per student. Of course, the poorest students often take out the most, and they hope to reap huge rewards.

But for many students, the Singer scam has broken their spirits. The admissions process is so obviously biased and broken, they think, that it’s not worth bothering about. Hopefully more students will realize that admission into a top school isn’t everything––and even admission into any school isn’t everything. What matters is return on investment.

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