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F-16 pilot’s view of dodging 6 Iraqi missiles

Posted by / October 12, 2017

This is a white-knuckle kind of a video. It’s an F-16 pilot dodging not one, not two, but a whopping six surface to air missiles.

Full story at YouTube.

More great aviation.

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  • Amazing great flying note how they remain relatively calm but heavy breathing and on top; all things considered, good guy now lets see him ride a pushbike thru Amsterdam here in Holland hihihi

  • LCS

    Thank God for the pilots skill!

  • Great flying. AF or Navy?

  • Shane Azelton

    F-16 is Air Force!!!!

  • James Footman

    I know this man personally and was there to welcome him back

  • Awesome! Absolutely Awesome! Liked how his buddies were keeping an eye out for him too.

  • White knuckle was right! Thank you for your service sir and good hunting!

  • Outstanding training and pilot skills. Thank you for being on my side.

  • OkieFromMuskogee

    Navy jet jocks rule ! Chair Force learned from USN !

  • Shane Azelton,,,,,, The Navy flew them for two years. It was known as the f-16N, and the TF-16N. (The TF stands for trainer)

  • Evading with high G loads takes an insane amount of conditioning.They might sit all day long but these guys are athletes like no other.

  • Jack

    Good show, I’m glad they made it…

  • W.L. Edney

    I was in the sand pit I am always glad to see my guys return. The SWAMP FOXES from McEntire ANG Base