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Facebook is doing tremendous damage outside of the US

Posted by / September 25, 2018

During the 2016 election, Russian bad actors intentionally targeted American social media––and especially Facebook––showed us that Facebook has the potential to be abused to great effect. Unfortunately, that’s not just happening in the United States, it’s also happening in Myanmar. Facebook is free in Myanmar, so it’s the primary internet activity there. Most people get their news from Facebook, a fact that the anti-Muslim extremists use to their advantage to spread lies and hate about Myanmar’s Muslim population.

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  • historyscoper

    Sorry, so-called anti-Muslim extremists are usually in the right because the ideology of Islam is pure evil, and as long as they don’t get too personal and stick to criticizing the ideology and not calling for violence, it’s pure good. Too bad, outside Myanmar Facebook has long suppressed their posts in the misguided belief in the Muslim propaganda about Islam being a religion of peace. Islam is only a religion of peace if non-Muslims unconditionally surrender to their demands for world domination. Hence Facebook is their useful idiot.

  • Facebook, like all the social media channels, are walking a line of an independent company can decide what type of content they want to share, and allowing free speech. Is it free speech to be hatefully and bully? Yes, but its it morally ok? No. At what point should a company step in an control the speech. It’s a slippery slope. Should a company be able to control what type of ads people sell and where they originated from. It’s propaganda. And as people, we need to be able to siphon threw it and make our own call. I personally don’t like what I see on FB but I also don’t’ want FB making the decision on what I should and shouldn’t see. In the end, FB is just a platform to spread a message.