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Facebook’s Financials in Perspective: What Else $22 Billion Could Buy

Posted by / June 4, 2014

Since it was founded in 2004, Facebook has spent over $22 billion on disclosed acquisitions. We’ve all heard about the $19B they spent on WhatsApp, $2B on Oculus, and $1B on Instagram, but there were some smaller purchases totaling $426 million as well.

Last year the entire country of Honduras brought in a total of $18.88B in national gross domestic product. Facebook could have bought the entire country! The 500 wealthiest CEO’s in the US brought home a total of $5.2 billion. Facebook could have bought all of them along with Oprah Winfrey (net worth $2.9B) and George Lucas ($4.9B) and still had an enough lying around to buy the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys ($1.85B each) along with all of the biggest budget blockbuster films ever made. Marketo put these figures in perspective for the Facebook users of the world in the infographic below, showing what else $22B can get you.

Facebook Acquisition Addiction Infographic

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