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Gen Z teens are leaving social media in droves

Posted by / September 2, 2018

It’s easy to look at the next generation and think, “Well, we’re screwed.” But don’t lose hope just yet. As it turns out, the teenagers of Generation Z are leaving social media in droves, refusing to participate in the happiness-for-likes trade that social media inspires. The numbers are clear:

One 2017 survey of British schoolchildren found that 63% would be happy if social media had never been invented. Another survey of 9,000 internet users from the research firm Ampere Analysis found that people aged 18-24 had significantly changed their attitudes towards social media in the past two years. Whereas 66% of this demographic agreed with the statement “social media is important to me” in 2016, only 57% make this claim in 2018. As young people increasingly reject social media, older generations increasingly embrace it: among the 45-plus age bracket, the proportion who value social media has increased from 23% to 28% in the past year, according to Ampere’s data.

Learn more about why kids are leaving social media below.

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  • maninderskumar

    The teens are simply turning out to be rotten apples. Gen Z is a group people who see a rosy future but cannot convert it to reality. The hype and the euphoria of life gets forgotten when reality hits you and the illusion is shattered to pieces.