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Grumpy Great Dane complains when dinner is late

This Great Dane knows when dinnertime is upon him. And you better believe he gets very grumpy when it’s late. Take a look at his hilarious reaction.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • janice

    he’s a beauty!

  • sand sobe

    The Dane shouldn’t have to do tricks for it’s regular meals. How would that guy like to have to sing and dance before he could eat?

  • helen l ottinger

    i love that dog !!!

  • Sarah

    Geez, just give him his dinner already! He’s big enough that he could take it off the counter himself but such a good boy he waits for his master. Such a beautiful animal.

  • Carol Cardona

    I agree. He shouldn’t have to do tricks for his dinner. Not nice dog owner.

  • 2358abc

    Excuse me, just question. Are you sure this is dog and not horse? 🙂 beautiful dog nd beautiful kitchen!

  • Madlyn

    Stop teasing him and start feeding him!

  • Mandy

    Poor dog. I wish this man was kinder.

  • Poor Dog, I wish his owner was kinder.

  • detailparis

    What is wrong with you owners??? Don’t tease your dog in withholding food so you can make a video to post. I love funny animal videos but not ones tease, torment, or require tricks to get some human-desired response.

  • John P.

    How did you get my dog on this video Bella dose the same thing
    She can tell time better then me with a watch i don’t think the owner was teasing it’s gust
    the way the game goes
    John & Bella

  • GG

    Dude’ makes bank, yall see the inside of that house?

  • Brody

    The dog is lovely. The “owner” likes the spotlight and is not amusing.

  • Hal R Walden

    GROSS! after the dog ate from his hands (slobbering on his fingers) he keeps putting his hand back in the bowl!

  • looking like a DUDE