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Gustavo Almadovar: the reporter whose name broke the internet

Posted by / November 8, 2017

Who is Gustavo Almodovar? He was merely a reporter, but he’s so much more than that now. He has become a meme. Begin with this video, which compiles Gustavo Almadovar saying his name a score or so times. Each time, he has exactly the same head tilt and inflection. Then move on to the videos below.

Noticing that Gustavo’s name has a musical quality, internet denizens knew what needed to be done. Behold the Gustavo Almadovar dance remix. If you get bored, skip to about two-thirds through the video.

And that’s not all. Other music fans rendered Gustavo’s voice in the style of disco. This video has a very nice build:

Full story at YouTube.

More humor.

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