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How to get more Facebook fans

Posted by / February 1, 2011


A few months I ran a Facebook promotion where people who “liked” the Enchantment Facebook fan page could get a free copy of my first book, The Macintosh Way. Around the same time, I also offered an excerpt of Tim Ferriss’s The 4-Hour body and Take Control of iPad Basics by Tonya Engst.

Around the first week of January I emailed 140,000 of my closest friends to tell them about the offer. This graph shows the effect of this promotion: in a few days, the fan count increased by 50%. Admittedly, it was a small base of 8,000 people, but still—4,000 new fans is 4,000 new fans. The point is that using the “reveal” technique to attract more fans by giving them something special for liking a fan page and an email blast does work.

Something to think about if you’re trying to increase fans for your Facebook site. By the way, the offer for The Macintosh Way and the Tim Ferriss excerpt is still running here. And you can view your Facebook fan page trend by using the Wildfire social-media monitoring site like I did.

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