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How to nap effectively [infographic]

Posted by / July 17, 2013

How to Nap Effectively

Power naps can be a way to super charge your day. Some organizations have napping rooms like the Huffington Post and Arianna Huffington says “sleep is a performance enhancement tool.” HuffPost was featured on The Today Show. Check out what they had to say.

How to Nap Effectively infographic by smithapat.

Lifehacks to hope you kick into high gear.

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  • Quiet Place, not Quite Place.

  • Jens E

    i’m not sure how to set my “alaram”

  • Nick K.

    Alarm, not alaram. Who proofread this thing?

  • NP

    Another case for job security for proofreaders–and for not being in such a doggone hurry to rush to publish!

  • Ravi Kant Saili

    Give Me Some Sunshine Give Me SomeThin & Some Power Napping Time Too.Rabb Rakhkhaa.

  • Somebody needed a nap before putting this together.

  • The caffeine nap sounds like such a great idea- I’ve never heard of that before! But eeesh… the spelling errors in this infographic make it unpinnable and untweetable.

  • Shawn

    That’s what happens when you outsource the work overseas. LOL.
    The idea is a good one, just executed by a non-native.

  • Louison Danis

    All info meant to improve quality of life is a gift. Almost anyone can see errors in anything.
    But I feel very sorry for these poor souls who chose to give more importance to spelling and/or typo errors (that in no way altered the info) rather than to the content and the benevolent intention. Here’s hoping that none of these short-sighed natures are in charge of anything important in orienting decisions for a better society.
    If the