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How to say “peace” in 100 languages

Posted by / February 28, 2011


Speak the language of harmony with a little help from an informative megalist showing how to say “peace” in more than 100 languages.

French = La Paix

Gaelic = Sìth

Gaelic = Fois Scots

Gafuleya Chontal = Aylobaha

German = Der Frieden

Gikuyu = Thayu

Greek = Iri’ni

Guaraní = Ñerane’i

Gujarati = Shanti Bengali

Hausa = Lùmana

Hawaiian = Maluhia

Hebrew = Shalom

Hungarian = Béke

Icelandic = Friður

Igbo = Udo

Tiaykuy Quechua = Sonqo

Tibetan = Shîte

Tlingit = Li-k’ei

Tonga = Melino

Turkish = Sulh

Turkish = Barish

Twi-Akan = Asomdwee

Full list at HubPages.

Only good news.

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  • Arabic children Books

    Thanks, It’s interesting but also sometimes scary especially since these things are starting to show up in bathrooms in nightclubs and bars. You can’t go anywhere without some type of stimulus coming at you but it’s effective. but it is very inportant topics for us.