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It’s a hummingbird pool party

Need a dose of cuteness in your day? Then enjoy this hummingbird pool party, featuring more of the cute critters than you’ve ever seen.

Full story at YouTube.

More cuteness.

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  • Good one it’s a party.giffer and SCOTT coming up friday.

  • I could watch this all day!

  • Tree

    Some babies want to see…

  • Lisa

    So relaxing. Please make a full length video of this.

  • Mother nature never ceases to amaze.

  • Sweet…!

  • beautiful, thanks for sharing

  • So relaxing watching.I want one of those fountains…where can you get it??

  • kat 88

    Sooo cool! Where was that at?

  • MareCadTITANIC

    Aren’t Non-Humans just so grand ??? A breath of fresh air.

  • Valerie

    I just love those birds! Never thought I’d see anything like that though!

  • R D Cravens

    can I buy this hummingbird bath? If not, how do I make one. Very much interested. R D

  • Suzanne

    I need to know how to make or purchase a fountain like this as well.I can’t find anything close to it on the internet. Let us know please!

  • Tami

    These are the most magical birds. They are living fairies. They are indangered due to pesticides. I have feeders in my yard. I make it myself. They love the fresh stuff. It’s so easy. 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Never use soap to clean the feeder. Even a little residue is dangerous to their delicate system. Use white vinegar. Now, I have attracted an amazing variety that no one in this area has ever seen before. One has a black “helmet” that looks like Darth Vader and it glows purple in the sun. Amazing! Please don’t use toxic pesticides!