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Jaw-dropping hospital bill from Canada

Posted by / June 23, 2010


And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your healthcare system can do for you—ask why you’re not living in Canada. Remember my trip to Nova Scotia when I thought I was having a heart attack? I experienced Canadian healthcare upfront and personal. My treatment involved three ECGs, one blood test, one chest x-ray, two aspirins, and a few hits of nitro in the emergency room of the Queen Elizabeth II hospital in the bed pictured above.

I got the bill yesterday:


This is $9,000 less than what I expected. I can buy eighteen iPads with the money I saved! And if I was a Canadian citizen, I would have paid nothing. The next time I have chest pains, I will take a few aspirins and fly to Canada, eh? I feel like including a tip in my payment.

And in about a week, @VirginAmerica is starting direct flights from SFO to Toronto, so the forces of the universe are lining up.

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