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Kinkos refuses to print naked Christmas card

Posted by / December 18, 2009


The Cringleys would like to wish everyone a Merry (Naked) Christmas, but the prudes over at FedEx Kinkos want to play Grinch by censoring the family’s strategically-covered Yule logs and holly berries.

Each holiday season, Bob Cringley, his wife and their three boys strip off the ugly bedazzled sweaters that plague so many other family Christmas pictures and go au naturale. Nothing PG-13 rated shows in the saucy snapshot, other than the occasional side boob or mipple (man nipple), but certainly an apron or oven mit slip would spell naked disaster.

FedEx Kinkos wanted no part in spreading nude holiday cheer and refused to print the cards for the second year in a row. Fear not though, Cringley family and friends, a card printing website has offered to print the cards and you can expect Santa-themed nudity to arrive in your mailbox any day now.

Hmm, on one side, in Kinkos defense, if sparing kids from total humiliation requires playing prudish Grinch, then so be it. And, on the other side, is a semi-naked holiday greeting really any worse than the horrible themed outfits our parents stuck us in for family photos back in the 80s?

Would your family consider ho ho ho-ing it up for holiday cards?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Holiday news for good boys and girls.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow just look at all of you. Most of you send e-mails to your friends complaining about the government in your business and the way your rights are being violated. Since when is Judgement YOUR job? You are the hippocrits and the ones with the dirty little minds spinning out of control, talk about a downward spiral. At least this family knows who posted the picture and for that matter, it probibly wouldn’t be on the internet if Kinkos did their job in the first palce. They are probibly nice people with nothing to hide obviously with open minds and hearts. People in Europe don’t make nudity an issue like we do and yet they still keep thair moral values in check. And yes cps will probibly make this familys lives a living hell because we live in such a ritchous society and know how to dictate other peoples lives and not our own. I mean really what is your problem? That you don’t like there version of a Christmas card or you don’t like what it brings out in you! After all I have seen what some of you send over the internet. Don’t cast that stone!!!!