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LDS missionaries try hallucinogens for the first time

Mormon missionaries are well known for being uber-pious. But in this video, a few of them consent to trying LSD and, while we definitely do not advocate doing drugs, this video is hilarious.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Caitlin

    So fake….Desperate for something to write I guess.

  • Andy

    These are NOT missionaries. They are far too old. This is false article written by an uber-fake.


    Yahoo always tries to portray Mormons in a bad light, this is another example of FAKE NEWS trying to be relevant. Nev

  • Gfunk

    Title should read, 3 men dressed as LDS missionaries try LSD. Either way, you’ll both see visions… haha!!

  • standsresolute

    Oh come ONNNNN!!!!!!!!!! FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! I was an LDS missionary this is absolutely FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a million reasons this is fake.

  • Ruben Martinez

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE, it is a conspiracy, first of all this are fake lds missionaries, real missionaries are younger than this stunts and the name tags are non traditional. Easy to recognize the real missionaries and definitely these are not.

  • Fabrication to the nth degree. Whoever conjured this up, adjust your attitude.

  • colter

    It was a video put out by the Kloons a Youtube group know for doing humorous video’s.

  • Sheryl Jones

    People are SICK to sit around and think this up and then make a video.

  • Steve

    The name tags would have their last names if they were real LDS missionaries instead of their first names. But LDS missionaries trying LSD is a funny concept.

  • Stevo

    Totally fake…

  • Yucabacho

    This is clearly a parody. The channel the video was posted to is a comedy group of 30-to-40-something men. This is “fake” only if you are naive enough to think this is real. If the topic makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch. If you are open to watch something that is obviously an over-the-top comedy sketch, enjoy. If anything, this site is weak and fails to disclose the nature of the video here. Calm down folks.

  • Richard McCormack

    Yep, definitely fake!

  • Frank Skinner

    LSD missionaires?

  • Jonathan Armour

    Few who watch this think it is real. The headline does not suggest it isn’t real, which is click bait and also inappropriate.

  • Fkor A. Rivera

    I agree Jonathan Armour. This is not good. IF the batch has the name of the church could be dangerous, but for them.

  • Old Doc Shaw

    GET REAL. This is absolute garbage. The idiots you say are missionaries are way to old & their name tags are completely wrong. Pick on the Church of Scientology for a change. Old Doc Shaw.

  • I don’t think this is funny at all.

  • I mean . . if you’re so gullible you didn’t recognize this as a put-on, you deserve to be fooled.

  • I for one am not amused by this sad effort at humor. I know those are not Mormon Missionaries, but I am a Mormon. I don’t appreciated the effort to present something that the Kloons think will be funny at the expense of the culture of another group of people. Yes, should I say it, I am offended by your attempt at humer. If you want to display humor, user your own people instead of mocking others.

  • The

    Fake news. Arrest the author for slander/libel at a minimum

  • P C

    Why would anyone call this humor, you are insulting people of the LDS faith. Since when was insulting people funny, a deliberate disrespect and no one of faith is laughing.