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Madonna: Before and after Photoshop

Posted by / September 29, 2010


Forget diamonds, dogs, and plastic surgeons—a celebrity’s real best friend is Photoshop. Well, unless you’re a cast member on Mad Men, in which case Photoshop makes you look like a waxy, Barbie-legged version of yourself.

The Photoshop team at Dolce & Gabbana worked overtime on the luxury brand’s latest ads featuring Madonna. The 52-year-old Material Girl actually looks quite stunning in the “before” shots, but fashion’s demand for unrealistic perfection means smoothing out every hint of bumps, lumps, and eye puff. So the question is: when does Photoshop cross the line?

Full story at Jezebel.

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  • Christine

    "Stunning"? I think "drunken stupor" more accurately describes both pics. Why do they even make her sit for the photos when they’re going to ‘shop them so, um, extremely?