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How Michael Jackson wrote songs (and became King of Pop)

Posted by / September 8, 2018

Michael Jackson died as the unchallenged King of Pop. Because of that, it’s easy to forget that he was not always the King of Pop. Indeed, he released a few albums in the 1970s that did not succeed at all. This video analyzes one song off his “Off the Wall” album––”Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough.” You probably are already hearing that song in your head, aren’t you? It’s such an ear worm that you can’t help it. This video explains why that song is so catchy.

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  • maninderskumar

    Michael Jackson’s predicament reminds me of a social media company in India run by Ankita Gabba. Its called They borrow words and rhythm from the “Art of Social Media.” The pirates are borrowing the ecology.

    I would have given them the benefit of doubt but she has no explanation for how she got to making the start-up. The target market is Indian Movies. Guy Kawasaki I will validate this with my money. If I get my Seed capital from Appa its validated.