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Mississippi girl wins homecoming queen, kicks game-winning field goal

Kaylee Foster isn’t your average high school student––or your average teenage girl. She doesn’t worry about stereotypes of femininity or masculinity. Instead, she does the things she wants to do. One of the things she wants to do, for example, is to play football. And she’s quite good. As an extra kicker, she scored the majority of her team’s points in the homecoming game. She was also crowned homecoming queen. Kaylee Foster shows that you needn’t be worried about what “girly girls” or “manly men” do. Just do the things you like.

Full story at the AP.

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  • aprocessforlove

    Here a few incredible thoughts I have gained over the day, there is a God that will abuse young kids to make money, probably a symbol of Masculinity and there is a God that will help couples with no kids, a symbol of Femininity. In Sikhism, there is an aspect to abuse that has been ignored for far too long.

    Young kids are physically abused to take their destiny away.
    Young couples are brought to their knees until they submit to Feminism.

    What Kaylee does well is to walk the thin line between Femininity and Masculinity.