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Ninkles: The latest thing to feel self-conscious about

Posted by / April 28, 2011


Crow’s feet. Muffintops. Cute names for things made out to be not-so-cute by plastic surgeons and glamour magazines. Add another body quirk to the list: Ninkles. (Not to be confused with another supposedly unsightly physical feature, cankles.)

So what are “ninkles” exactly? Hint: It’s not when your knees touch your ankles. Nope, just take one part knees and two-parts wrinkles. Unsightly lines on the knees have women visiting plastic surgeons in search of a solution. Apparently the only fix to this latest cosmetic worry is a knee lift. If you can’t swing surgery, British Vogue editor Emily Sheffield recommends a mid-length skirt. Umm, thanks?

Full story at The Frisky.

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