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This object appears to have moved faster than the speed of light

Posted by / May 3, 2017

This object, V838 Monocerotis, looks like it moved faster than the speed of light. We know what you’re going to say––nothing moves faster than light. Well, we didn’t say it did move faster…just that it looks like it did.

Full story at YouTube.

More amazing space stuff.

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  • William

    Now THAT was explained very well. It took me a minute to absorb, but I get it. Nice explanation. Thank you.

  • Roth

    Excellent video, I could watch these all day.

  • willy

    Any comment Mr. Michio Kaku ?


    Excellent explanation in words and by video. Made things very clear. Please keep me on your list to send such wonderful space exploration information to make be educated about the universe.

  • Scott Campbell

    The idea that nothing can move faster than the speed of light denies the speed of the expansion of the universe. The universe has expanded to 90 million light years in 15 million years. The radius of the universe is 45 million light years. For the edge of the universe to expand to 45 million light years it SHOULD take 45 million years. It did not. It took only 15 million years. This means the edge of the universe traveled at 3 times the speed of light.

  • Charles Miller

    Big deal.
    You want to see something move faster than light?
    Tell my ex that there’s a sale at the shoe store.
    Just don’t stand between her and the door when you do.

  • Enjoyed.

  • Sean

    Another explanation is that the object is not as far away as they think it is.

  • robert

    The video and text must have traveled faster than light. neither appeared on my computer

  • Richard

    Tach One is the speed of light

  • Jamie

    Kind of curious. If something is moving faster than light or even a relative thing where something moving away from us and our speed away from it is master than light, how would we even know it exists? Frankly we would not be able to see it with anything we use to scan the sky. Which brings up something else. What if the universe is actually far bigger than we think but we can only see part of it due to things moving faster than light?

  • Joseph

    First we have to figure out how many licks it would take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop.

  • rajneesh

    Jamie may be they refer to these stuff as black hole when it is spotted

  • Osama Hammoud

    ok … any object can move faster than the speed of light ..what will happen that it will become undetectable..instead of wasting time ..try to invent something can measure these objects..

  • ladini

    Look up the faster-than-light “Illumination Front” laser-dot illusion – when videoed at a billion fps, the dot appears to actually…move………backwards in time….!

  • Effinstickrice

    Event horizon. There is indeed a part of the universe we cannot see.

  • Effinstickrice

    Btw I didn’t watch the video lol

  • John Geffre

    Scott Campbell, you say the universe is only 15 million years old. The dinosaurs big extinction event was 65 million years ago. Are you saying they died before the universe began?