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People from 70 countries imitate American accents

Posted by / December 30, 2017

As Americans, it’s hard to imagine what we sound like to others because, obviously, we can’t really hear ourselves from a non-American perspective. So Condé Nast Traveler got seventy people from seventy different countries to imitate what Americans sound like to them. Sadly, they all seem like caricatures of Americans, and all some horrible variations of valley girls, surfer bros, and the Kardashian family. Every other word is “literally” and “like.” It’s very hard to hear what people think we sound like.

Full story at YouTube.

More great humor.

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  • john lopas

    That’s because they are stupid enough to spend their time following American popular culture, abandoning their roots and traditions. They aspire to be stupid Americans.

  • Mickey Rojas

    Dude, lighten up! You got a whole lot of hate in you. Do something useful with all that energy. I pity you.

    I love it!
    Mickey from America!

  • Luke

    @John Lopas I agree. Not only that, I’m hearing a lot of young kids these days speaking with an American accent when they don’t live there and are not surrounded by an American family or friends. They must be immersing themselves in US content on Netflix and the like. Let’s hope the parents curb that habit while the child’s accent is still fluid.

    Meanwhile, others are (either consciously or not) selectively abandoning their own spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation to match that of Americans, and sadly it’s very infectious. I predict that within 25 years, we who speak proper (British) English will be feeling like the odd ones out, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We shouldn’t feel that we need to change our language, especially when those changes are to match that of one country.

  • Creole4u

    Lol imitation of stereotypical valley girl slang from califo rnia or they have been watching legally blonde and bill and Ted’s excellent adventure to much