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How people wind up with Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder ruins peoples lives. It not only ruins the lives of people who have it, but also the people around those who have it. People with BPD tend to fluctuate emotions rapidly and within hours. They have major self-imagine issues, and they change their appearance or even names often––sometimes ever few days. One of the major questions people have when they deal with someone (or realize they have) BPD is this: where does it come from? This video reveals that it’s a mix of nature and nurture.

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  • Maninder Singh Kumar

    Perhaps the invalidating family environment may be the most overwhelming cause of BPD.
    Also, could it be the cause of why people remarry again and again. Was Liz Taylor a BPD. Let me explain this in a more explicit way by saying that BPD is first of all a Biological insecurity accentuated by repeated abuse and negativity.

    There is a more over reaching consequence of this that arises from repressing these emotions that one feels, leading up to non-sensitisation. Life is inhumane these days anyway and the non sensitisation of emotions may cause coldness. Sort of a shield that goes up to protect the soul from getting hurt.