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Pfizer testing pill that could cure COVID

Posted by / April 27, 2021

Pfizer is testing a pill that, if it works, could be the first home-cure for COVID. If the current trial goes well, the pill will be ready by the end of the year.

After a brief pause, the CDC has recommended the resumption of the Johnson and Johnson vaccination after fears of negative side effects.

Last week, federal health officials began considering lifting their recommendation to pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine following the rare blood clotting disorder  among some recipients.

The rate of COVID vaccines has sat at a whopping 3 million shots per day for two weeks straight, and now about 40% of Americans have received at least one shot. Just a few weeks ago, the number of vaccines peaked at 2.4 million shots a day.

Some 13% of adults, and some 100 million Americans, have gotten a COVID vaccineBiden’s approval rating is correspondingly much higher than Trump’s.

Nearly 70% of Americans approved of Joe Biden’s COVID plans in the earliest stages of his presidency, polls revealed. That included 97% of Democrats, 40% of Republicans, and 70% of independents. Biden’s plans, following immediately on the heels of Trump’s “who cares” approach, were undoubtedly even more popular because of the contrast.

At the time, recall, Ambulances were waiting up to eight hours in COVID-ravaged Los AngelesDespite record numbers of COVID cases and deaths, some 30% of Californians are violating stay-at-home orders. Meanwhile, as the state prepares to extend the stay-at-home orders, groups of maskless protestors are gathering to sing Christmas carols in protest. Perhaps that is why a whopping 6 people are dying per hour in Los Angeles County. 

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