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Plastic Bag Monster creeping through Ljubljana

Posted by / March 20, 2011


Slovenia artist The Miha Artnak believes his city needs a wakeup call about the waste generated by plastic bags and other refuse and so embarked on this most unique public awareness campaign, The Plastic Bag Monster, now snaking its way through the Slovenian capital city.

“Working with the environmental group Ekologi Brez Meja (Ecologists Without Borders), which had previously organized clean-up days in the area, Slovenian artist The Miha Artnak collected 40,000 used plastic bags and 7,500 used plastic cups from three dozen schools, a handful of city offices, and more than 500 individuals. He and some assistants spent a week building the Plastic Bag Monster, whose jagged teeth and bulbous, bloodshot eyes are made of plastic cups and whose plastic-bag tentacles reach for more than 100 meters.”

Interestingly enough, The Plastic Bag Monster has a comrade by the name of BagFoot created by the design studio Lukatarina that emerges to wander the streets and supermarkets in all its plastic-bag-mummy-like splendor.

The question is, if some random person tried this at his or her local grocery store, would they stop bagging his or her milk? Probably not.


Full story at The Miha Artnak via Treehugger.

Scared green.

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  • Svetla

    Get constantly reminded about how ugly we make earth with those plastic bags, and you’ll learn to stop using plastic bags. So, all these ideas are cool, and we need more of them!