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Play house with breakfast

Posted by / April 20, 2012


If you’ve given up trying to get the kids to stop playing during breakfast, might as well make the most of it and whip up some edible dollhouse furniture with this unique project by Ryosuke Fukusada and Rui Pereira.

According to their website,

This project was born as a reflection about the velocity of the contemporary furniture industry and how the consumers are unable to digest the huge amount of new products launched every year. For this Salone we propose an alternative way of experiencing furniture. We present the furniture pan, an object that mixes both traditional Japanese small cakes ‘baby castella’ with a Portuguese egg-based pastry called ‘ovos moles.’

That’s some deep thought for such an early meal, but hey, what a great excuse to go hogwild on the toppings doing a bit of interior decorating on your breakfast bites.

Full story at Sapore dei Mobili via Neatorama.

Furnishing with food.

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