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Reporter loses it when she realizes what a “Furry Convention” is [video]

Posted by / August 7, 2016

Reporters are supposed to report any piece of news without emotion or reaction of any kind. But heck, reporters are people, too, and when Mika Brzezinski learns what a furry is she can’t contain herself.

Full story at MSNBC.

More odd news moments.

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  • What is a furry?

  • Jeri, avid gardener

    As I understand it it’s people that like to dress up and pretend to be animals. The show, CSI, featured it in on of their early episodes.

  • Robert A. Bhouy

    Which Furry Convention attendee ended up duct taped and lodged into Barney Franks’ colon?

  • Furry convention

    A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics. These conventions provide a place for fans to meet, exchange ideas, transact business and engage in entertainment and recreation centered on this concept.

  • Prelusive007

    A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics.

  • Lcuy

    Could have been worse. “Furry” could connote some other interesting activities.

  • Pete

    There is something called google…

  • Harry

    They’re people who get off on wearing furry costumes of and pretending to BE woodland creatures. Really…I’m not making this up.

  • Mary

    If she had been a fan of CSI she would have what a furry convention is. It’s a convention for people who like to dress up as furry animals, real or imaginary. Sounds like fun to me.

  • Joey

    @Bil Willy I sure wish I could help you out. Too bad there isn’t a way to look something like that up.

  • Mika is your typical liberal who lives in a bubble. She is a news show host has no idea what is going on in the world. She actually never heard of people dressing up in these costumes which has been going on for decades. Duhhhh

  • Maybe the gas leak was due to a skunk lolol

  • Morning joe is the most boring show on the tube. Typical liberals living in a bubble. He is long winded and takes forever to make his pointless and Mika doesn’t have a clue. You mean she never heard of this furry cult. It’s only been going on for over a decade Mika. Way to be on top of things. So what does she do? Runs to her safe place.

  • There was a CSI:Las Vegas episode about Furry conventions once.

  • Like a typical liberal Mika runs to her safe place. They have never heard of furries? Furries only been around for over a decade duhhh. Maybe stop dreaming about Obama and Pelosi for a second and open your eyes.

  • KRee

    Would it still be okay for Mika to laugh hysterically if he had been the LGBT Furry Convention or the Muslim Furry Convention? How about the Black Furry Convention or the Title IX Furry Convention? Probably not although the Tea Party or NRA Furry Convention would certainly be in bounds for mockery and scorn.

  • OH well life is life you never know what might happen I just wish clinton would come out looking like some sort of animal because that is exactly what she is.

  • Barclay Reynolds

    She knows very well every kink in the book.

  • That was one of my favorite episodes of csi where for once Grissom was left completely speechless. The camera just focused on his face when he learned about the furry costume the victim was wearing and then they cut to intro. That was priceless.

  • !Weirdos

  • Zika is so immature and scatter brained~~~and un professional and just forgot to grow up period!! Typical,full blown liberal

  • Zika is a scatter brain!! So immature and forgot to grow up~~~she has the brain the size of a mosquito~typical elite liberal

  • Tony

    Got me, i thought it was going to be an article about a bunch of ” animals “.cats, dogs, politicians,, govt officials,, etc..

  • PhunFurb

    This story posted on Dec 10 2014..

  • Who cares how she reacted she almost cried when she had to tell the truth about Hillary after the state departments I.G report came out.

  • SofaKingCool1

    Yahoo speeds to irrelevance, as they feature ‘news’ stories from Holy Kaw!

  • ken

    As usual, our GOTP trolls want to make everything into a partisan political cat fight…
    Get a life and quit watching Faux Noise!

  • Chuck

    A furry convention should not be confused with a Bear Convention.

  • evan langley

    She is supposed to know that.

  • Howard

    Well, this is one timely story, since it happened almost two years ago.

  • Think Chewbaca!

  • “Reporters are supposed to report any piece of news without emotion or reaction of any kind”

    WRONG. Reporters are supposed to report any piece of news without injecting their own opinions into the story. And that hasn’t happened since at least the 70’s. So that tells you all you need to know about what is wrong with journalism schools in the U.S.

  • what a bunch of boring reporters. couldn’t even make a funny situation funnier. one of them runs out. the other idiots had nothing funny to say. wow just report the weather and shut up i guess.

  • Mika got the Furry scurry and ran away! Who would have known , I didn’t know. Freaky world man!

  • Not so Furry

    @LCUY – That’s what I was thinking.

  • Ahhh, Furries for the most part completely harmless ..My question is Why are the story tellers in the suits ignoring The intentional Chlorine gas attack…NOT VERY PROFESSIONAL as this seems like a terrorist act to Me….”just sayin”

  • Why does it have to be “liberal”? In fact, what you describes is ultra-conservative, not liberal at all. Conservatives want the purity of some time that never existed. They want it to be like the 1950’s Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best silliness, where the most trouble kids got into was a broken window. Furries are not too dissimilar from the outfits people where at science fiction conventions (ComiCon). They are usually more focused on animals of some sort, but many where clothes or are really artistic. And the suits are rather expensive. It’s just a chance to have fun. Sorry that this reporter is freaked out by people in costumes.

  • james Slusher

    Anything that does not mention Trump or politics is breaking news. Joe must go. Mika must stay.

  • I thought it was women who did not shave their coochi’s

  • Mervis

    @Bil Willy – Whenever you type the words “What is” or “What are” or any similar phrase you should make sure that you went to Google first.

  • danny smith

    And this all happened after she just got a Brazilian wax. LOL

  • Yes, I had a big laugh out of it too! Once in a while after holding in all of that emotion, it will one day come to the surface, and you can’t control it. What most likely happened was that she was laughing so hard that she couldn’t breath or catch her breath. I have been in that situation before, so I understand why she had to leave the studio.

  • this article is like a year old…..

  • More importantly, WHERE is it “chilly” right now??

    – suburban Houston,Texas


    Thanks, Pete. For a person to be considered a journalist, he or she should be capable of background research.
    Mika Brzezinski, look it up before you go-go.

  • Bunch of perverts in barney costumes! That girl has a right to be disgusted we don’t have to accept every perversion known to man as protected speech.

  • I love her reaction. I would have done the same thing!

  • Honestly, I thought it was people dressed in animal costumes having an orgy. Seriously. Was that a misinterpretation on my part?

  • Chlorine gas will kill you it was probably methane from a Furry Cow or Horse.

    If someone released Chlorine intentionally IMO they should be charged with attempted murder or at the very least animal abuse.

  • That is the Best MSNBC Reporting. Finally an Unbiased Opinion and Reaction. It has only taken 20 years.

  • Night-X

    There is few types of furry people. So first is the people that wear a costume setup then you have the type of people who make furry comics that lot of them I read and believe or not those furry comic makers are really friendly people to talk to. Because I rarely had one ever trolled me not like YouTube, Yahoo, Google, and few other sites where lot of trolling people weirdos are ready hit when you make a friendly or making a point comment then they hit you there.

  • “Reporters are supposed to report any piece of news without emotion or reaction of any kind.”

    C’mon, its MSNBC. They NEVER just report the “news without emotion”. Just watch ANY segment where they are reporting on ANYONE who doesn’t follow their left wing ideology and you see loads of “emotion” exhibited by the host. Granted, those emotions will be “hatred”, “outrage”, “disgust”, etc.

  • Maybe clinton will go to a furry convention to get their vote. Oh I forgot she was just at one the dem’s convention.

  • John Kromko

    Something going on here… doesn’t list “Furry Convention” and they have everything.

  • furry fandoms conduct business transactions at their conventions? lmfsao probably selling costumes?

  • Using the word “reporter” to describe Mika is like using the words “fearless leader” to describe President Obama. In both cases the words SHALLOW IDIOT would be more appropriate.

  • Delilah McKenzie

    They are busy reporting this instead of any number of corrupt things HRC has done before and during this election cycle. They are busy reporting this instead of letting voters know there are other candidates out there, in what may be the most important election of our time. #JillStein2016 They are busy reporting this instead of telling you about Obama’s drone strikes. They are busy reporting this instead of letting you know that the TPP is being discussed in private, behind closed doors, and will negatively affect not only millions of hard working people, but the climate as well. I could go on, but would it make a difference? I mean, so many sheeple out there are happy to swallow the swill of network news, and wouldn’t lift a finger (or set one down on a keyboard) to investigate the sh*tstorm going on around them, let alone do anything about it. So sad.

  • Yourmom

    Slow news day?
    This video is 2 year old.

  • Tony Barbossa

    Is this a British thing? I didn’t thing any thing was funny about this clip. Bob’s Burger Equestronauts was funny.

  • Aramis0813

    In her mind it might have had something to do with BEAVERS!

  • Pete – when reading an article about a furry convention one should not have to go to another website to figure out what it means

  • If Mika Brzezinski were a PROFESSIONAL reporter, she would have held it together and had her little fit AFTER the cameras were off.

  • Justien

    I don’t understand the liberal comments. I think it’s Republicans who would typically have a worse view of Furry things. After all, they all seem to want to take us back to the 50’s.

  • Bob Pancoast

    I guess its normal to freaks like Joey, but I’ve never heard of it.

  • At least its not a meeting of fur burger fans.

  • This ARTICLE is NEARLY 2 YEARS OLD!!! Never seen a MEDIA STATION go back in time nearly 2 YEARS for CONTENT!!! SEE HERE!!!

  • Staceyy Robinson

    I’m now a fan of Mina Brzezinski. That was truly funny stuff!!

  • I had never heard of it until I saw it in CSI. And I am 74 years old.

  • Joe

    She peep on herself. That’s why she left the scene. lol

  • This is one reason I think Anime was another way to DUMB DOWN SOCIETY. You see these idiots???

  • What a bunch of complete and total simpletons.

  • Discovery Channel recently aired a program about a similar cult where practitioners dress in full body, skin-tight leotards in public, regardless of what physical shape they happen to be in. The costumes also include complete head coverings. The name of that subculture escapes me but it is evidently growing in popularity.

  • This is a VERY STUPID show, who watches it???

  • Berry Allin

    I thought Mika Brzezinski was an educated aware woman. The furries thing isn’t exactly obscure thanks to an MTV episode of True Life that went viral.

  • Chris

    Figures, as they are ultra-left MSNBC reporters. Complete lack of professionalism.

  • She thought that they were carpet munchers


    I’d be more interested if it were a “bush” convention.

  • Chris Brantley

    Why are people bringing politics at all into this discussion, can’t you leave it alone for a few minutes?

  • Jeez c’mon aren’t journalists supposed to do research… how the occupation has fallen.
    A simple search on the internet Mika would have enlightened you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mika Brzezinski a journalist? I guess anyone can be a journalist these days.

  • Steve

    I just want to thank them for one of the best laughs i had all month!!! THANK YOU!! ;-)~ LOL

  • Robert Tausenfreud

    I don’t like liberal reporting and appreciate MSNBCs efforts to move closer to the center than CNN, but despite my political views, that whole incident was just hysterical! I enjoyed laughing with all of them!

  • With all the racism going on in this country… as a black man.. i gotta say.. Mika’s reaction is some good for the soul material. love when the camera man caught her running out of the building. funny stuff..

  • @Delilah Mckenzie _ You idiot this was from 2 years ago and has NOTHING to do with today’s politics All of your ranting and raving is for nothing !! Your 1st clue should have been the people trying to stay warm for one that alone tells you it was at least 6-7 months old and you fell for it like a true blabbering dope

  • So will the NEXT Star Trek movie reveal that one of the crew is a Furry ? It just seems to be the trend.
    I am sure that Mika was not JUDGING somebody’s lifestyle. Right ???

  • “Mika is your typical liberal who lives in a bubble. She is a news show host has no idea what is going on in the world. She actually never heard of people dressing up in these costumes which has been going on for decades”…

    Seems someone from the Conservative side knows much more about this…

    What does THAT mean?

    People are not as they seem depending on certain circles…

    Like the Church disavowing Gay Marriage, whilst protecting the Clergy who molest little boys…

    Yes, the Conservatives- have it all figured out & hide behind the Bible instead of embracing reality….

  • computertech

    Sad when stupid people try to use the word liberal, but have ZERO clue what is means. NEWS FLASH….LIBERAL MEANS LIBERTY OR ‘BE FREE’. Since there are stupid people, it means people that are for liberty and freedom.
    And stop proving how stupid you are trying to make this political as well. You are only proving you’re far too stupid to be posting, voting or breeding.

  • I couldn´t stop laughing when I heard her, it was inevitable.

  • Jose

    Not cool! Furrylivesmatter!

  • Nick

    Furry is a group of people that dress up like animals and have an orgy.

  • Donna

    I am glad I thought it was funny and I was wondering my self what a furry was? So what! Happiness makes the world go round. And it is nice to learn something everyday too!

  • Timothy Smyth

    Once you’re in the costume what do you do? Stand around drinking and eating? What exactly goes on at these things?

  • Ferretface

    I never heard someone call these political hacks “reporters” before.

  • Delilah McKenzie: You must be a barrel full of monkeys at party’s sitting in the corner and glaring at all those foolish people having a good time as you hiss “don’t touch me” at anyone getting too close to you. cheers.

  • Eefis

    Laugh it up now. 5 years from now when states are forced to put newspaper and litter boxes on the floors in public restrooms just remember there was a time when people realized it was ridiculous because if you speak up when this starts to spread then the pc police are gonna burn your house to the ground and publicly bully and shame you for not celebrating Donny the Dalmatian’s courage! Mark my words. You heard it here first

  • Not surprised

    I don’t think I’ve see so much stupid in all my life as we get here in the states. The media is stupid. The readers are stupid. The story is stupid. OMG… this is how the world ends.

  • Ken

    This is funny on several levels. lol. And the comments make it even funnier.

  • vaw

    Mika is clueless about most things I cant understand why they keep she is terrible, mostly sits there making stupid faces & stupid noises & comments or trying to talk over every one ( rude ) this whole show is very nasty , a bunch of Trump bashers sitting around bashing Trump . How about that corrupt , lying dirt ball Hillary that MIka loves! I don’t care what time I turn to that show or turn back they are constantly talking trash about Trump they are so clearly in the bag for Hillary but they don’t talk trash about her like they do him. I had to stop watching because it is disgusting how unprofessional they & nasty they are .

  • This program is more entertainment than news…it should just move to Fox News and be done with it.

  • I never heard of a “furry”; this is not something that I would want to “be in touch” with! I would probably lose it too if I had to report on a story. The producer should have written a short explanation to lead the story to help the reporter out as they are just reading what they see on the monitor. I think it is funny!

  • clickbait?, I thought it was a furry beaver convention.

  • my first thought was the merkin Donald wears as a hair piece

  • A. Jarw

    I thought it was if a woman shaves or go natural. My woman calls hers furry.

  • Robert Bhouy you are a douche – stupid comment made from a stupid person…..

  • MoosMom

    Mika lost it because she couldn’t attend.

  • White people problems. SMH It’s ok Mika.

  • Just proves that ‘reporters’ are NOT reporters, they are just pretty puppets.

  • You learn something new every day. She learned about furries. That’s one thing, so she was done and was taking the rest of the day off.

  • Kent

    I guess her three brain cells finally sorted it out

  • Belfreendicus

    Bahahaa — i wonder what starving people in 3rd world countries would think about the fact that people have it so easy here that they don’t even have to grow up and can spend way too much money dressed up as 2nd rate football team mascots.

  • Dumb convention. The only good thing about it is the fact the women look like women down below, They don’t look like 4 year olds down below

  • Lloyd Peterson

    I love a natural unscripted reaction to something that she never heard of.
    That is very funny and some of you should develop a sense of humor for God`s sake.

    Grow up people and stop taking things so personally!!

    She humiliated herself and now she knows what a Furry Culture is!


  • Douglas Joiner

    Did the author of this article really use the word “reporter” with a straight face? Someone give this “author” a dictionary.

  • Black Furry Lives matter!

  • you're wrong

    nicely done yahoo. link a story thats almost 2 years old

  • Made the poor girl run away in hysterics!

  • For all the dopes and idiots commenting here in politik of the day , here’s a biological fact that will elucidate you schmucks on why Mika left the stage .She was laughing so hard she squirted . Now all you little juveniles know what the adults know .

  • Jimmy Davis

    For all you adolescents commenting and all you bitter political critics , what happened was ,she was laughing so hard she peed herself . OK kiddies ? Now you know what the adults know .

  • wally

    I’m 61 i’ve never heard of a furry convention , sorry , and i’ve traveled the world . i have enjoyed every comment posted . post more news coverage like this regardess of the age for it gets one through the day with a laugh.

  • Ann

    Maybe she thought it was like a Swinger’s convention or something. If whoever had written the copy said there was a methane gas leak, now that would have really been funny.

  • Christopher S.

    THIS IS A YEAR OLD!!!!!!!

  • Duude

    A furry convention is a swingers’ club event.

  • Never have heard of such a thing. Call me whatever you want…

  • Roger, don’t put liberals in one box Ronnie. Mika knows whats going on its you who is lost.

  • Fed Up

    Thank you Jimmy Davis for educating these clueless trolls.

  • Mossback

    If you do not like MSNBC, figure out where your ON/OFF knob is located and use it, for crissake! And as far as THIS article goes, what a frickin’ waste of time and energy.

    • @MOSSBACK…Obviously, English must NOT be your first language……Did you not read what I wrote?? Just for the record, I STOPPED watching MSNBC years and years ago….I came across this item here and now….NOT years and years and years ago….But tonight…

  • Almost ALL male furry are also phaggots.

  • Sam

    It’s good to see even the Professional can laugh at some point on air. They are human as well. Laugh on guys and ladies. I love your show

  • That is the correct response when one first learns what a ‘Furry’ is. For those that don’t know exactly what Furry’s are or what they do, relish this time of innocence, once you know you can never not know again.

  • Why is she wearing a scarf? Must be cold in the studio now that they’ve switched to LED lighting.

  • Max Maxwell

    I cannot believe that reporter in the news game today did not know what a “Furry Convention” is?
    That is even funnier than her reaction. It has been shown on at least two TV shows that I can think
    of, the first being NCIS about 3 or 4 years ago and I cannot recall the second one. They showed people
    in consume and acting out various skits? I think I saw a report on one of the news programs also that
    went into some detail about it.

  • all righty then

    ……and, once again, the comments are WAY funnier than the (2 year-old) story….Thanks, y’all….. : )

  • Bama

    If Hillary attended, she would go as a snake – no costume needed.

  • Dan

    Watching that show is like watching the George Burns and Gracie Allen show .

  • Padideh Farivar

    OMG! I can’t count how many times I had moments like this during serious lectures, funerals and serious moments when laughter took full control over me….Ha Ha! Laughter is always the Best Medicine 🙂 Good for her! I hope she is still laughing 🙂
    In my family, we call this a “Padideh Moment” (hehe that’s me) ;p : -}

  • Spot the lonneys

  • r siter

    Furry’s not only like to dress up like animals and live out their lives like mythical, cartoon, and/or real animals, but the main thing I haven;t seen posted is that they get off on making love while in costume and with others in dress as well.

  • mike

    WAIT WAIT WAIT…..furrys are a republican thing? Because all the trolls are saying Mika is a dumb liberal for not knowing about the furry lifestyle. IS THAT what the majority of congress spend its time on while not getting anything done? They put on fuzzy hats and get in big cuddle piles and grope each other. AHHH THAT explains Trumps hair.

  • Wait until they find out about the guys who paint themselves silly colors, wear cheese on their heads, and sit around in snowstorms cheering on guys wearing helmets and padding while they run headlong into each other.

  • She peed on herself. That’s why she high tailed it out the door

  • Joe McCan

    I thought it was about a woman’s privates.

  • I remember when about six years ago when Joe lost it when they were showing midget tossing.

  • LSBrew

    The story is at least 2 years old.