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Serif vs. Sans: The final battle [infographic]

Posted by / March 25, 2013


Ah, the perpetual question of designers everywhere: To sans or serif, that is the question.

Hopefully, this infographic from Urban Fonts will help you make a decision once and for all.

Via Urban Fonts.

Like infographics? So do we.

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  • Sounds about right. I have very few websites where I’d use serif

  • No, no, no. First choose a typestyle (and by the way, font does not mean typestyle) for its character, mood, effect, especially in headlines. Then on its legibility. And why wasn’t the origin of serifs mentioned?–from chiseled stone letters.
    Serif vs sans-serif? What a ridiculous choice. Like wine vs. a milk shake, choose whatever suits the mood.
    (Yes, this guy is a typographer who has hand-set metal type before electronics were ever involved.)