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Why all social media platforms are dumpster fires

If you spend any time on social media––which you probably do since you’re reading this on the internet, and pretty much everyone on the internet uses social media––then you have likely noticed that any platform you use feels like a dumpster fire. There’s a reason for that. Even though it’s called social media, it’s not really social. See, in real life, we get cues from people we talk to telling us that we’re either being crazy or being cool, extreme or reasonable. We adjust our behavior accordingly. Social media rewards us with likes or shares or just plain old attention for being extreme or crazy. We’re not incentivized to be cool, we’re incentivized to be jerks.

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  • aprocessforlove

    So individuals get on to social media to dump their bad karma to others. And real life is no different, increasing isolation from real life leads to real life becoming akin to social media. I have been evaluating individuals for placements in organizations and find that what is seriously lacking is Morals and Ethics and if this manifests in real life, and I am going berserk with this thought. Perhaps social media is the correct reflection of morals in society especially the government.