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Why the speed of light is not about light

The speed of light isn’t about light…even though light is in the title. This video gets into the complex physics behind this statement––the speed of light is actual the effect of this phenomenon, not the cause. This video looks at the cause.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Ryan

    Thanks for the great video Josh!

  • Love this video. The universe is based on causality. In the end, we are likely to discover that dark matter is intelligently designed gravity fields, meaning that dark matter is doing what it is doing to create specific cosmic structure. I believe dark matter is staring us in the face like a giant elephant in the middle of the room, and our problem is mainly an inability to think outside the box and see the big picture.

    As I see it, heavenly body magnetospheres are actually large dark matter particles with enough gravity to drive fusion reactions in the case of the sun. There would be an original dark matter for every heavenly body, which could dissipate like in the core of mars for example which eventually lost its magnetosphere. Furthermore, I believe things like auras and chakras are completely real, and consist of very complex intelligently designed dark matter fields. This is a new idea, if nothing else. As technology advances we are building sensors that could eventually detect these fields for example quantum gravity sensors.

  • C.V. Compton Shaw

    Thank you for the excellent video which is very insightful, entertaining and logical.

  • American Falcon, Inc

    Time is merely a tool to measure events. From a fraction of a second to eons. All the fanciful redefined adjectives fail to change the basic too. Light speed, warp speed, lunch time all speak to the same tool of measurement.

  • The rate at which an atomic clock ticks is determined by the state of the aether in which it exists. This is why the speed of light is always determined to be c.

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  • Oops now where did I leave my notes on entangled particles? There is an ultimate speed; instantaneous. Unless you could travel to somewhere before you left..