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Steve Jobs’ 1979 business card

Posted by / October 21, 2010


Back in the font dark ages, business cards had a decidedly simpler look. Even Apple co-founder Steve Jobs used a business card straight off the bland rack, as evidenced by his 1979 card that was recently dug up by a couple techies. Although, in Steve’s defense, the card does feature an advanced-for-the-time embossed Apple logo.

Mozilla Labs director and tech-enthusiast Pascal Finette photographed Jobs’ groovy card after a colleague brought it into the office. According to Finette, Apple still uses the phone number seen on the card, but don’t give it a ring thinking you’ll get a direct line to Steve.

Full story at Obama PacMan.

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Photo credit: Pascal Finette

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    Hey thatkeith

    Thank you so much for sharing. This morning I got some answers from the folks at obamapacman too. A user called Steve Mehallo posed that the font was ITC Avant Garde Extra Light.

    Seriously, I do appreciate the time. I’m a bit of a younger-ish designer (and also not from the USA) so some of this stuff gets lost through the decades. I’d love to find out if there *is* a direct/historical/design relationship between Avant Garde and Century Gothic. If there is one, I hope someone updates the wikipedia entry, which makes no mention of Avant Garde at all in connection with it.

    Thanks y’all!