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Stray cat always takes its food to go; rescuers follow it to see why

Posted by / November 12, 2017

Volunteers in one Japanese town regularly hand out food to stray cats. Over time, they noticed that one stay would never stay and eat; instead, it would carry its food off and disappear until the next day. So one day the volunteers decided to follow the cat to see where it went. It led them on what seemed like a wild goose chase until they found out why the cat carried its food so far: to feed its sweet, little kitten.

Full story at YouTube.

Cats are amazing.

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  • AbbyandSadiesMom

    So sweet. Such a good momma. Happy ending for both.

  • Beverly Orefice

    Awwww…..I’m so glad the little Mama and her baby were taken in and now have a loving, safe home!

  • Kinu

    That was in Korea. Sweet ending for cats nonetheless!

  • I miss Mabel so much…My guess she was either stolen or a predator claimed her… I NEVER in my life have seen a cat like her. The cat in this article, I’m happy to see that she and her kitten have a nice home now. God bless the family that took them in and didn’t separate them!

  • Tisa

    Thank you. A beautiful story with a perfect ending. Thank you

  • Pamela Christensen

    Cats are wonderful and this kitty mom is an angel. Beautiful!

  • bonbon wanton

    Where it reference Japanese? subtitle is in Korean, and lady in the footage spoke Korean too.

  • Such a beautiful sweet story and bless the good people that are helping mom and her baby.This story made my day.Thank you.

  • I just lost my cat. He was sick and old.When I saw this video. It made me cry.This is very wonderfull story some human should learn from this cat.

  • CarmenO

    Nice story! They went from homeless to having their own little castle and a steady supply of food.

  • miriam eberman

    Thank you for the wonderful story. What a beautiful loving mom.

  • MordorianQueen

    FABULOUS! Thank you, lovely Korean rescuers, for everything you do to save these animals.

  • Awww, love a happy ending <3

  • @ Punnee Largent: I’m so sorry for the loss of your kitty. I know it’s hard. I lost one of mine over two years ago and am still grieving. Our babies know we love them, though.

    It’s very nice to know that there are kind people that will still help animals in need. I’m feeding quite a few kitties myself right now because the “owners” won’t. Arrrggghhh!

  • Marta

    Amazing story !! You make me cry

  • makeminemystical

    Great nice holiday story. Still, cats that are owned by humans should NEVER be let outside – The life expectancy for cats who are let out / live outside is 2 – 5 years as opposed to cats that live inside whose life expectancy
    is 15 – 18 years.

  • Jesse B Johnson Jr

    The writing and language spoken is Korean. Yes, I can read ant talk some Korean. Korean wife for 45 years. 감사합니다! (That’s “Thank you! in Korean. Loosely pronounced ‘kam saham ni da’.

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