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Taco Bell birthday cake

Posted by / March 14, 2011


Creativity isn’t a talent solely reserved for moms, but there’s something particularly admirable about a mom who can whip up the idea for and the making of a birthday cake like this in the midst of running to practices, school and taking care of the million other tasks that crop up in a typical day.

Laura LeClair Kelley certainly went the distance for her son’s birthday with this incredible cake, which she noted was “surprisingly easy” and “didn’t take much time to do it all”:

The “shells” are made of rolled out snicker-doodle dough with chocolate jimmies throughout for the “flecks.” The inner cake is a frosted chocolate round, cut in half. The lettuce is coconut that has been doctored with green food coloring, the tomatoes are diced up Twizzlers, cheese is rolled out and julienned orange Starbursts and the sour cream is made from giant melted marshmallows.

Happy birthday, indeed.

Full story at Foodbeast.

Food fit to celebrate.

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    I absolutely love this!! I am going to try to make one for my boyfriend — he LOVES Taco Bell and has a sweet tooth, so this is perfect for him.