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The city as an egg

Posted by / October 19, 2011


Architect and visionary Cedric Price (1934-2003) saw the evolution of cities move through stages that look a bit like your morning breakfast options. His ovo-urban analogy compared the city to egg, developing through three stages:

1. Ancient city: The boiled egg

In ancient times, urban dwellers used a city wall to protect from attacks and much of the city activity was in a dense, compact center.

2. 17-19th century city: The fried egg

City walls eventually came down as rapid population growth expanded the city’s borders. Despite the residential sprawl, much of the power remained in a central location.

3. Modern and future city: The scrambled egg

Improved modes of mobility have cracked the city center and allowed it, along with the people in it, to spread further from the former core.

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