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The Devastating Ripple Effect of Ineffective Teachers

Posted by / January 28, 2014

Teaching is one of the most humanitarian, transformative careers. One good teacher can positively influence thousands of lives over the course of his/her career, but on the same token, one bad teacher can do a lot of damage. In the statewide lawsuit, Vergara v. California, students have banned together to strike down the state laws that keep ineffective teachers in California’s schools.

With 300,000 teachers in the state of California, if just 3% were ineffective, that would mean there are 9,000 ineffective teachers across the state. If each of those ineffective teachers teach 30 children each year, then each year 270,000 children are not getting the education they deserve. Over 30 years, these teachers will have impacted 8.1 million children’s lives. In the infographic below, Students Matter demonstrates the ripple effect that happens when just 3% of California’s teachers are chronically ineffective.

Ineffective Teacher's Devastating Ripple Effect

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