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The Facebook Sonnet, by Sherman Alexie

Posted by / May 15, 2011


Full story at The New Yorker via The Daily What.

Ah, the enduring power of poetry.

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  • rdl


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  • I posted The Facebook Sonnet on my page. My daughter texted me this reply.
    I don’t know. I think that this is a very cynical viewpoint. Maybe it’s just about sharing your life with others (albeit only parts of your life) and a streamlined way to keep in touch. For example, if it wasn’t for Facebook, I would have never reconnected with Amanda.

    I replyed to her with this….

    Facebook is
    Pop-culture, Pop-patriotism, a pop-belief system, it’s interactive television filled with laughs, sorrow, commercials, Hero’s and
    Villains …

    It’s global, it’s the youth and its the future…

    Like everything on earth it’s great and it’s terrible.

    It’s one persons hell and another persons heaven. Filled with posts and the status of both demons and angels…

    A teenager takes their own life because of FB bulling and a child is born because of a FB romance…

    You would have to be naive and. insensitive to think that it’s a good thing that helps everyone ….

    And you would have to cynical and contemptuous to think its a bad thing that hurts everyone….

    Sometimes FB portraits life as it truly is but most of the time FB portraits life as people think it should be or wish it would be…..

    Sherman Alexie is a brilliant Native American writer, he writes about his people and deals with tough subjects like alcoholism, drug abuse, the reservation, absent fathers etc….

    Google him and read some of his work – you’ll be able to relate to it and you’ll like it.

    It’s nothing more then a beautiful poem and the way he felt that day after he logged off of FB

  • Kathy Erickson

    Facebook is Heaven for narcissists, and Hell for those connected to them. And let me tell you, there are a shipload of narcissists on Facebook. Alexie nailed it. He is surely a genius.

  • Kathy Erickson

    Correction: There IS a shipload of narcissists on Facebook.