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The final “Cathy” comic strip

Posted by / October 4, 2010


With one final “Ack,” beloved comic strip character Cathy said goodbye to the Sunday funnies this week after 34 years of struggling through the ups and downs of food, love, work, and a marriage-obsessed mother.

Full-sized comic at GoComics. (H/T to TheDailyWhat)

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  • Stephanie

    I Am Deeply Sadden By The Leaving Of My Long Time Friend Cathy. Why Oh Why Did She HaveTo Go. Until We Meet Again Cathy, With All My LovI’ve And A Broken Heart, Stephanie C

  • Over Sunday brunch today, my wife just said she really misses the Cathy comic strip. She remembered reading the last strip and knew “Cathy” was having a baby, but didn’t understand why the strip would end on that note. My wife is independent, intelligent and attracts people like a magnet. She is a classic “snake” per Chinese astrology, as is her mother and our daughter. If anyone can identify with “Cathy”, it should be ME. We both miss the cartoon strip and hope the “real” Cathy is enjoying her retirement. Maybe in her spare time she could post an online cartoon strip once a year to let her legions of fans know she no longer needs to go “AWK!!”