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The great outdoors to go: Classic campervans

Posted by / June 26, 2011


If the open road and a few nights in the wild is what it takes to soothe your savage soul but your inner hipster dreads the thought of coyotes sniffing your toes all night, the book My Cool Campervan by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon is a great way to feed your s’more-eating fantasies. Even covered with marshmellows and graham-cracker crumbs, you’d still be the coolest camper on the highway.


VW Westfalia Campmobile

Owner Ian says: “This was the perfect restoration project: my dream 1967 VW SO 42 Westfalia Campmobile. I got Florence, as she is now called, shipped over to England from America. With the help of my friend, an expert restorer, we got started on the four-year task of getting her to her current condition. Florence is the archetypal VW Type 2 split-screen vehicle that were produced between 1950 and 1967. Classic features include white-wall tyres, white bumpers, top half and roof. This is a beautiful example of the VW T2.


Ginetta car-camper

“First prize in the ‘most unusual design’ category!” jokes Arthur, owner of this one-off car-camper. In the late 1960s, kit car manufacturer Ginetta – “masters of fibreglass” – dipped their toes into building campervans. Unfortunately the idea was short-lived and only one was made. “I am proud to own it and display it at classic car shows,” says Arthur. “Something as unusual as this needs to be shared with others.”


BMC Princess

Despite first impressions this camper is not a conversion. In fact it was coach-built, in 1967, on a Vanden Plas Princess chassis; this campervan is unique. John became the very proud owner in 1976. “The original owner wanted nothing but the best,” he says. “Many of the features of this camper were unheard of on similar campervans of the era, including power steering and an automatic transmission.”

Full story at Guardian.

It’s not a car — it’s a lifestyle.

Photo credit: Tina Hiller

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