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The psychology of color for web designers [infographic]

Posted by / February 11, 2011

Infographic: The Psychology of Color

Via Tech King

Tons of web design resources.

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  • tina

    A great way to visualize something I talk about all the time with my clients. Thank you!

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  • I find myself making more use of orange, green and blue more than other colors. But this your write up has shown to me why I love these colors. Thanks for sharing.

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    Great post ! Thanks for sharing

  • Nobody can explain it better than you. You explain even the complex things very smoothly. I’m pretty sure this will be extremely helpful for developers. Thanks again man…& keep it up with this type of articles!

  • Yes, color plays an important role in designing a website. One must choose the appropriate color for the website according to the site’s theme/template. The infographic you have provided will really help the web designers in deciding the relevant color for their website.

  • thanks for all the info I will tell this to my friend

  • I am going to bookmark this page, as it enlightens the color knowledge of a designer. I am going to use this concept to educate my fellow designers.

  • […] The psychology of color for web designers [infographic] – Holy Kaw!. […]

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