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Things classical musicians hate

Posted by / October 21, 2013

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You might assume that classical musicians are a pretty tame lot. I mean, after all, they play peaceful beautiful music all day. But they’re people too. People who have to deal with crummy situations and hate it just as much as you might. But those situations are pretty different from yours or mine. For example, here’s one thing that you’ll never have to deal with:

Great news – you’re spending the next 6 weeks being deafened in a cramped underground hole!

Pit orchestras – because who wants to see a musician anyway? It’s a staple of the jobbing musician’s life, but working in a pit orchestra for a theatrical run has its drawbacks, namely DVT and a humped back from ducking to get to your seat.

Or this one, something you might never think about without having nearly lost an eye:

The change in a violinist’s facial expression as their faithful string pings back towards their chin is one of the scariest things that can happen in classical music. Hell hath no fury like a violinist with a broken E string.

Full story at Classic FM.

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  • ” Hell hath no fury like a violinist with a broken E string.” That made me laugh 😀