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Tibetan Mastiffs: The $600,000 dog breed

Posted by / August 9, 2010


How much would you pay for a dog that weighs 180 pounds (imagine the poops!) and sports a full coat of hair thicker than Robin Williams? Some of you probably replied, “why pay for a dog when shelters have an endless supply of lovable pooches?” Very true, but in China, a huge dog has sparked a craze that has pet owners forking over hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their hands on one.

Behold the Tibetan Mastiff. This monster of a dog can measure up to three feet tall and tip the scales at a size of a grown man. The pups supposed holy status—as guardians of Tibet—doesn’t hurt their popularity either. One couple coughed up more than $600,000 for the trendy mastiff and had the dog transported to their home in a motorcade of Mercedes sedans.

Full story at TIME.

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  • L_A_Johnson

    Makes me very sad.