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Top 50 social media cities in the U.S.

Posted by / September 24, 2010


San Francisco takes the cake for the most social media-savvy city in the U.S. (surprise, surprise!), according to NetProspex’s Social Report for Fall 2010. The new report, by the marketing and sales database company, takes a look at the “NetProspex Social Index” (NPSI) score—comprised of a magical mix of social connectedness (the number of employees with at least one social media profile), social friendliness and reach (the average number of connections per employee across social networks), and social activity (the average number of tweets, number of followers, and number of users following). Based on the finding, NetProspex identified the top 50 social cities, the top 25 social industries, and Twitter use in industries, among other findings.

Coming in as the top 10 social cities were:

  1. San Francisco, CA
  2. San Jose, CA
  3. New York, NY
  4. Austin, TX
  5. Boston, MA
  6. Seattle, WA
  7. Denver, CO
  8. Salt Lake City, UT
  9. Los Angeles, CA
  10. Atlanta, GA

In addition, the report found that New York and San Francisco were the most “tweet-savvy,” while the West Coast, on the whole, was more social media savvy than the East Coast. The Midwest was the least social media-savvy region, with only two cities (Chicago, IL, and Columbus, OH) breaking the top 20.

Read the full NetProspex report.

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