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Trump’s supporters reject COVID diagnosis, enemies go on the offensive

Posted by / October 5, 2020

Trump’s base is standing by him during his COVID trial, and they’re doing so in the most stereotypical way: denying there is a pandemic at all. “If he’s sick, then they planted it when they tested him. It’s what they did to me when I went to hospital for my heart beating too fast. Two weeks later I got a cold,” one supporter said. “It’s political. I don’t trust the US government at all. Who are they to mandate personal safety? I listen to Trump.”

His enemies, mean while, are turning up the heat. Although the Biden campaign took down attack ads, the Lincoln Project is going on the offensive.

Donald Trump and his wife have tested positive for COVIDRonna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Convention, has also tested positive for COVID. And, according to Christ Christie, no one on Trump’s debate prep team was wearing a mask, meaning it is likely that all of Trump’s aides have been exposed to COVID.

Some staffers report that Trump was showing signs of COVID on Wednesday, leading to some fears that Joe Biden might have been exposed during Tuesday’s debate. Fortunately, Biden has tested negative so far.

This is something of a nightmare scenario for Trump and, more significantly, the nation. For Trump, this means multiple canceled campaign events in the upcoming days and a radically adjusted campaign schedule in the crucial pre-election month. There is also, of course, the risk that he falls seriously ill, as he is both over 70 and technically obese.

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