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Turning the tables: If atheists spoke like Christians

Plenty of times we mean well when speaking to those with different belief systems, yet it takes a turning of the tables to see our best intentions don’t always sound the way we intend.

Hemant Mehta demonstrates with this piece presented by The Atheist Voice.

Full story at YouTube.

Reconsidering religious sentiments.

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  • John Barringer

    Love it!

  • J Lind

    The best one was the last one, “Share this video with 100 people, God won’t love you, it would just be really nice of you.”

  • Every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord !

  • George O'Connor

    Oh, my no God!

  • jeb

    This has to be one of the dumbest videos I’ve watched lately.

  • Well, Mr. Atheist, when you can explain how the universe came into existence without a Creator, given the fact that the elements that fed into the big bang could not have just existed, then we will listen. In other words, you have no problem with self-existent stuff, yet you cannot fathom a self-existent God. Also, since you claim to be a person of reason, please explain how life came from non-life, a totally unreasonable premise.

  • David

    How about “Read your bible, we need more atheists”?

  • Roshi

    Christians are not science haters or no believers of science.

  • So, Barbara, where did god come from? If life can’t exist without a creator, where did the creator come from? I’ll wait.

  • Rocket Man

    If there is no God, what makes the next Kleenex pop out of the box?!?!?! Answer that, atheists!!!!

  • Rocket Man

    If there is no God, what makes the next Kleenex pop out of the box!?!?!? Answer that, atheists!!!!

  • Dr Wrecker

    This isn’t click-bait, it’s click-hate

  • @Barbara I hate using this because both sides do but a small mind is one who believes in something bigger then us because their small mind can’t grasp life without it. You will be sorely upset when life outside our little speck of dust is discovered and they do not look like us or ever heard of this God that created EVERYTHING. Also funny how *your* God was supposed to be around since day 1 but there are tons and tons of evidence to say that he was not. Matter of fact up until a very specific point in time there are no documents or drawings that even hint at his existence. You say it takes a bigger mind to believe in something that doesn’t exist and I say it takes a bigger mind to believe that God doesn’t exist.

  • Just me

    This was so true and a laughed a few times. I studied the bible for years. The older I got the more I leaned towards needing proof instead what I’m being told and what a book says for me to believe. I know I know, you have to have “faith” to believe. So if someone is arrested for murder, can they just tell the court, “Have faith in me that I didn’t do it”. If Jesus is lord, prove it. If God created the universe, proof it.

  • Mr Reality

    I think it’s ironic that Christians say to non-believers, “can you explain how the universe came into existence without a Creator?”, when they can’t explain where their “creator” came from or anything they believe without referencing a book, written by men, that has to be interpreted because it’s so vague and has a large portion (Old Testament) that is no longer viewed as facts because it is so disturbing and violent and is not reflective of a wise, all-knowing, loving, creator. It’s pretty simple: the need for religion is born out of a lack of self-belief, true self-awareness and a fear of death.

  • It’s actually a very telling video on both perspectives of belief. It seems Atheists (at least the ones who contributed to this video and a majority of its commenters) believe Christians believe solely in belief. But it also reveals that the majority of Christians are kinda blatantly ignorant of most things yet have a need to “prove their belief.”

    The truth is true no matter what you believe, but belief lies outside of our mortality while reason lies within it. Choosing to believe in an unlimited God who created our mortality doesn’t make a believer stupid just as trying to prove that nothing exists outside of your own mortality does. But killing yourself for the sake of a proof would only make an atheist just as much of a believer as a Christian (but also kinda stupid in that case). One will not return from the dead and say “AHA, there was nothing!”

    I can say being a Christian affords a lot more peace when reason doesn’t make any sense. It has afforded me the benefits of “unreasonable coincidence” more times than I can count. I just choose to thank my God for that because I asked Him for those unreasonable coincidences, chose to believe in my request and in incredible fashion He has never let me down. It’s actually quite fascinating when these “coincidences” coincide on a weekly schedule.

    Real Christians don’t argue belief because it inherently makes no sense. Everyone may believe as they choose but conversion requires an experience. Belief requires a reason to believe and something to believe for. If you believe in Atheism because in your experience it has proven itself true, it will be truth to you. If you believe in God because He’s proven Himself true to you, none can convince you otherwise. In either case, the rhetoric is the same; belief is belief and the truth is always true.

  • To those who ask ‘where God came from’ misunderstand the concept of God. If God creates everything, lets it evolve, etc, he is the first cause. You can not have a endless chain of command. God is being, existence, etc. When considering the complexity of the universe and the reason that it didn’t have to exist, I think the only logical conclusion is that there was a force, a being, whatever you like, that caused the movement of the universe.

    • Chan Hinton

      It’s actually a hilarious question because origination requires the things that God created. “Where did God come from” presupposes the from and can only be answered by allowing oneself to believe in an unverifiable answer outside of infinite time.

      A more reasonable question would be “what created time?”

      The first verse in the Bible answers all three of these questions. In the beginning (time) God (the answer), created the heavens (space), and the Earth (matter). You can either choose to believe that or try to prove what created time.

  • Dear Atheists, please get over yourselves. I hate to burst your self-absorbed bubble of self-righteousness fueling this persecution narrative you’ve got going on, but honestly, the only reason Christians share our faith with you is because we care about you. It would be a whole lot easier for us to just forget about you and enjoy our relationship with Christ and each other. Trying to convince narrow-minded people of the existence of something beyond their own personal experience can be exhausting. If you were so sure of your belief (sorry) that God doesn’t exist, you wouldn’t be so focused on Christians who believe (sorry, there’s that word again) that He does. Because it’s obvious you only object to those who talk about Him, since none of you ever bother with Jews or Muslims. Seriously, you need to move on.

    • Mary Joan Deary

      So self-righteous proselytizing Christians like you say you care about me? So narrow-minded people like you are EXHAUSTED trying to convince me that you miraculously have had a “personal experience” telling you that your belief in Jesus represents TRUTH?

      We all have good and bad experiences in our lives. Connecting the good things to the belief in a deity is NOT personal experience. It is you trying to believe in the notions that were told to you by your family and/or popular culture. (Isn’t it odd that you didn’t decide AS A THINKING ADULT to be a Hindu or Muslim or atheist?)

      And, of course, the source of the bad things – like the 17,000+ children who die EVERY DAY from preventable causes – is one of the things you ignore by not attributing them to the deity in whom you believe.

      Linda . . . You don’t know the first thing about non-believers. They are NOT the flip side of believers. (You believe there is a god and think they BELIEVE there is no god.) To the contrary, they believe in TRUTH and the truth is there either is a god or there is not. No one can argue about that, even you. (It’s a matter of odds.) And it certainly does not follow that IF there is a creator, he/she/it is represented by the very specific, late-to-the-party story of Jesus. Among other possibilities, it is equally likely that he/she/it set this world spinning and then got bored and went off to more amusing projects. Forget “belief” Linda – it really is nothing more than OPINION. Try concentrating on TRUTH instead. A rich adult life is waiting for you that does NOT require you to try and justify contradictory, illogical statements written in an ancient book by people who still believed the world was flat. If anyone needs to “move on”, it is you who are entrenched in your very specific belief. Open your mind to possibility thinking. P.S. I would say the same things to Jews and Muslims, but they are NOT the ones in this country who daily try to cram their beliefs down my throat.

  • “I think it’s ironic that Christians say to non-believers, ‘can you explain how the universe came into existence without a Creator?’, when they can’t explain where their “creator” came from or anything…”

    Of course, Stephen Hawking will need to explain the eternal character of gravity. According to his supporters, the only thing permitted to be self-existing is gravity, not its Creator. Ah, the irony!

  • Kathy

    If you really believe in a God, why do you care what atheist think?

  • One minute was enough for me. The strawman argument that bible believing Christians reject science (e.g., the laws of physics, the laws of thermodynamics, etc.) is getting quite tiresome. A more accurate (and honest) statement would be, “we all have the same evidence, we just interpret it differently in light of our own worldviews.” We actually use the same laws of physics and thermodynamics to refute theories such as the Big Bang as atheists do; e.g., how something came from nothing (thus, going against the 1st law of thermodynamics), yet that’s what the dogmatists of the Big Bang purport; or how about the second law of thermodynamics (entropy and disorder) and how an explosion that (supposedly) happened faster than the speed of light (which has never been observed) gave us order instead of disorder. The list goes on.

  • Shane

    Would like for you to think how a computer AI when it grows/evolves to it’s conscious moment how it would explain it’s creators to other AI’s or explain what it itself is or what it believes the creators are.

  • Bill

    If God, our creator, does exist – whether a being or an energy – He would not be limited to our human two dimensional logic. He would be of another and greater dimension. Our limited thinking cannot comprehend an entity that always was and always will be. Someday either believers, or non-believers will be proven correct. If a non-believer is proven correct – it won’t matter to a believer – we’ll be dead so who cares. BUT – If believers are proven correct, I think the non-believers will be in a bad way. Some of us choose not to take that chance. So in the end, what’s it cost to believe? Not much really to the believer. What’s it cost NOT to believe? Maybe eternity in that other and greater dimension with the creator. Doesn’t seem like a hard choice to me… It’s just a choice of what I want to believe, and it doesn’t hurt anybody.

  • it’s weird that so many people think that if you’re a Christian or any kind of believer in Creator – the God… you must hate or ‘not believe’ in science… Albert Einstein believed in God/Creationism … if one believes that God created everything, wouldn’t he/she also believe that God has created all the laws of science?… Science and God are not two opposite things/believes, just like a mind vs heart…

  • John Mai

    @Linda Weatherby “It would be a whole lot easier for us to just forget about you and enjoy our relationship with Christ and each other.”

    Oh please.

  • TLM

    Um. If you’re reading the bible to discover the existence of god, or evidence for God then you mistake the entire Christian faith. We don’t “believe because the bible tells us so”. No, the existence of God is a philosophical question. The bible is a historical account of how He [God] has tried to communicate himself to us.

    Who created God?

    Obviously, no one. All things that COME INTO existence need a cause. But God did not come into existence. He is existence from all eternity. (Eternity my friends is not a very very long time.) Eternity is outside of time, as time is the measurement of change. God, who is immutable, does not exist in time and therefore exists always outside of time.

    Please remember that the author of the Big Bang Theory was a Catholic Priest. The father of genetics, a Catholic Monk. Science was born out of faith under the belief that the universe is ordered and can be known, that stuff doesn’t randomly occur.

  • Very amusing. Basic biology, geology and common sense will tell anyone who is willing to think (it still amazes me how many people refuse to), that the Bible, in all it’s permutations and iterations, is nothing more than a book of fairy tales that attempt to makes sense of a world that had not yet discovered science.

    This “all-knowing” god seems only to recognize only what man was conscious of at the time the book was written. No geography beyond what was already discovered, though we know the rest of the earth existed at the time. Thousands of animal species have evolved, most according to the environment they live in, over time which explains why basic animal systems can vary, sometimes widely.

    And if this “all-knowing” god had all this knowledge, why didn’t it share?

    Most Christians have been taught not to question, the primary reason being that questioning leads to learning and learning leads to understanding and understanding leads to thinking and thinking teaches you that there is no such thing as an imaginary deity in the sky.

  • TLM

    @Kathy For the same reason we care that people believe 2 + 2 = 4. Truth matters. Whether we want it to or not.

  • Scientific Reasoning: What we can “observe” is truth. What we observe is limited by the speed of light. Scientific reasoning by scientific definition IS and WILL ALWAYS represent LIMITED TRUTH!!! That’s science. Bohr uncertainty principle is scientific validation that the visible-physical world is ONLY a temporal creation from something we can’t see til the wave collapses for us to measure and observe. Atheist ignore that infinity is the only reason. Religion just gives infinity an identity. Hawkins believes we come from NOTHING. Duh! What is afraid to say is that reality comes from that which is NOT A THING. Sounds to God-like.

  • Paul Kuntz

    Everyone who is defending a christians relationship to science need not. He didn’t say christians don’t believe in science. He said conservatives don’t believe in science. I will add, the science conservatives believe in is the science of war.

  • Most fields of science were founded by Bible believing Christians….not all, most. Educate yourselves.

  • Paul Williams

    God created everything in the universe, even time. Time is the only thing that demands a beginning or an end. Our entire universe is subject to time, but God is not. Being the creator of time, he is neither bound by it or subject to it. Scripture states that He is the Alpha and the Omega (simultaneously)… meaning his existence transcends time. Not the Alpha and then the Omega as if He is just really old.

  • Ally Online

    @ Linda Weatherbee
    So, you tell non-Christians: “Seriously, you need to move on.”
    Do you really not see that you prevent us from doing exactly that by insisting on “sharing your faith” because “you care,” while condescendingly and arrogantly telling us you’re “trying to convince narrow-minded people of the existence of something beyond their own personal experience.”
    Honey, you can’t have it both ways.
    Either leave us alone and stop “sharing your faith” or accept we’re gonna push back because WE’RE NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR RELIGION.

    You say, “it would be a whole lot easier for us to just forget about you and enjoy our relationship with Christ and each other.”
    Please, then, DO THAT. PLEASE. Leave us alone. We’ve heard the Jesus stuff 1,000,000,000 times, and quite frankly it’s not inspiring, it’s not uplifting, it’s not even very interesting. We’re sick to freaking death of hearing about it.

  • @AllyOnline Thank you!

  • Ms. Redwine

    How stupid a video! Most Christians practice love and while we say our sayings, everyone on the planet has their own set of platitudes. Get over Christians guys. We are going away and we are not shutting up. God bless ya.

  • Ms. Redwine

    Not going away! LOL!

  • Mike

    Oy. So many flawed statements. I’ll address each separately.

    1. Christians, please DO leave us alone!! It is exhausting for you to try to reach us with your belief because once a person suprercedes belief, belief becomes useless. There is zero value in the idea of eternal life. You need to believe in it because your egos are maladjusted. Trust me, the world will go on just fine without your eternal presence – as it will without mine.

    2. About that CloudGuy: no, he does not exist. It is not possible for an omnipotent entity to exist. To be omnipotent, one would need absolutely no limits. The moment we define any one thing that this entity cannot do, the entity becomes nonexistent by definition. Here are a few:
    – change the past
    – change one’s mind, if one is omniscient
    – know all things, if one has the power to change one’s mind
    The reality is that a single omnipotent Deity cannot exist. In fact, it’s more likely that the Greek or Roman or HIndu or Norse pantheons exist than that a single omnipotent god exists…. and once we figured out that tsunamis and volcanoes are caused by mere convection, and not by angry magical beings, we knew those pantheons were nonsense.

    3. “Laws of nature”. Such ‘laws’ as gravity have been mentioned, with someone claiming this law has to have been ‘given’ by some supernatural being. The whole concept is false! These are not ‘laws’ at all, not the way, say, laws against murder are written in books and then humans choose (or not) to obey the law. Nature has no choice. Gravity is not a ‘law’ in that sense; rather, it is a PROPERTY OF MATTER ITSELF.

    That said, I love religion. Life is difficult, and if belief in something makes it easier for you that’s great. In fact, I’ll celebrate any of your religious events with you. Just as long as you are living that belief for yourself, and not trying to convert me or make society live your beliefs.

    The problem is that, of course, so many religions are Ponzi schemes. You must bring new believers into the fold else you lose eternity. All I can say is: thank god that god/eternity don’t exist that way. Lol

  • Frederic

    It is amusing to see how “some people” feel offended when the (no) arguments and attitudes of the extreme Christians are reciprocated. They would better express their differences in relation to these attitudes, or question the reason why they feel offended by arguments and attitudes fundamentalists Christians use on a daily basis. Have a reasoned day 🙂

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