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Learn the Best Cities To Sign Up and Drive for Uber

Posted by / November 6, 2017


Uber needs reliable drivers, and you may need a reliable full-time paycheck.

Welcome to a match made in heaven, then, as Uber’s sign-up guarantees campaign aims to lock in seriously respectable earnings for new drivers that meet certain ride milestones within 30-day windows.

But you’ll need to keep in mind that these guarantees vary from city to city—sometimes wildly.

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So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge with Uber you’ll want to know how your hometown’s Uber guarantee rate compares with other cities’ rates. Is it worth your time?

For instance, new drivers in San Francisco can make over eight times more in guarantees than new drivers in Atlanta. That’s something you’d want to know.

That’s why today we’ll be bringing you up to speed by breaking down the BEST cities for new drivers to sign up for Uber in.

We’ve got the great, the good, and the not-as-good.

For Starter’s: How’s the Uber Driver Guarantee System Work?

It’s simple: depending on where you’re at, you’ll need to perform X number of rides within 30 days to unlock your guaranteed earnings after signing up as a driver for Uber.

Let’s take Newark for example (as you’ll see illustrated again below). In Newark, new Uber drivers must provide 50 rides in a month to unlock a guaranteed-earnings payout of $500.

That comes out to $10 per trip—not bad.

And that’s the gist of the program. Uber requires drivers provide different amounts of rides for varying cash guarantees on a city by city basis, so we’ve broken it all down for you below.

Uber’s Top Cities by Guaranteed Earnings

The cities where new Uber drivers can make the highest in guaranteed rates are:

Uber Driver CitiesRides RequiredGuarantee EarningsGuaranteed Per Trip
San Francisco100$1,025$10.25
San Jose100$1,025$10.25
Silicon Valley100$1,025$10.25
San Diego75$500$6.67
Los Angeles75$450$6.00
Orange County75$450$6.00

Here, then, you can see that in places like Los Angeles and Orange County drivers can lock in rates like $6 per trip after joining Uber but can make almost double that in cities like San Jose and San Francisco.

Uber’s Medium-Tier Cities by Guaranteed Earnings

Moving on, there’s several cities where you can guarantee respectable medium-tier earnings with Uber too:

Uber Driver CitiesRides RequiredGuarantee EarningsGuaranteed Per Trip
New Haven50$375$7.50

Uber’s Lower Guarantee-Earnings Cities

Lastly, Uber has cities with lower guarantees as well:

Uber Driver CitiesRides RequiredGuarantee EarningsGuaranteed Per Trip
Green Bay30$225$7.50
Las Vegas40$275$6.88
Charleston, SC30$200$6.67

You’ll be able to make the best-guaranteed rates as an Uber driver if you sign up in one of California’s tech hubs— San Francisco, Silicon Valley, etc.

Yet, as you can see from the tables above, drivers can make solid per-trip earnings in any of the cities where Uber offers new driver guarantees.

This streamlined incentives program makes it easy for drivers and Uber to make the most out of the company’s P2P taxiing model.

If interested in locking in your city’s guaranteed rates, sign up today!

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